Manufacturing Leadership Magnificence!

Congratulations, AriAnne Sproat, Chief Operations Officer, ITC Manufacturing! We love to brag about our magnificent clients. AriAnne was recently selected by Material Handling Industry (MHI) as the recipient of its national 2017 Face of the Supply Chain Award at its Annual MHI Industry Night at ProMat 2017.   MHI is the leading trade association representing the Read More

discover (2)

Discover Global Markets: Advanced Manufacturing, Scottsdale AZ – FEB 2017

Advanced Manufacturing is a Reality for the United States and Arizona! On behalf of the AZ DEC Executive Committee and the US Commercial Service, we hope you will register to attend the Discover Global Markets: Advanced Manufacturing business forum in Scottsdale AZ, February 15th – 17th, 2017. There’s a terrific ROI for participating.  If you have Read More

Fred Hochberg, Chair, Export - Import Bank of the US

Poof! Removing the Mystery of Exporting

I love diversity when it’s a natural outcome of a positive working environment.  It is always such an honor to support magnificent leaders in every walk of life. That’s exactly the experience I had moderating the SEP 27 Global Chamber webinar titled, ‘How to Expand (Export) Success’. A true leader in her own right, Tatiana Nikishina, New York Chapter Read More

melanie healey

$30B Budget – Global Leadership Brazil to US

Would You Get a Standing Leadership Ovation from Your Team? How much time do you spend with your new hires on their first day?  Is it 30 minutes, an hour or maybe none at all.  Melanie Healey, Proctor & Gamble’s recently retired Group President, North America, says this might be one of the most important Read More


Mission First, People Always

Purpose Born From Tragedy & Change … When you meet someone who is completely on purpose and leading a heart-felt mission doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do, it’s easy to see.  Even if words are never spoken, their energy, passion and laser-focused commitment are easily recognizable. Ironically, it is often Read More

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All Gave Some & Some Gave All

If you are an American and enjoy our freedoms today, I hope you get down on your knees and thank our military forces!  I honor every member of the US military and all of its service branches for my freedoms and life today! As an American and a female business owner, there is never a Read More


Killing Your Profits – An Intertwined View of Compromise vs. Negotiation

There are two business terms that have mistakenly become synonymous and an impediment to monetizing your earnings – they are Compromise and Negotiation.  This has become a negative trend currently in the market place as it relates to selling, monetizing value, and having the confidence to ask for and get what you deserved.  Why?  Because these two terms Read More

Marketing Isn’t Just the Marketing Department

With the rise of social media instant communication and the ability to reach the masses has intensified for companies small and large, young and old.   This technological impact has required a thinking shift for ALL employees in terms of the role they play in marketing.   No longer is it ONLY the marketing team impacting brand Read More

Too Busy NOT To Communicate

Our work lives are chaotic to say the least.  Many days we hit 2pm and wonder if we’ve eaten, taken a drink or paused just to exhale.   No longer are we able to execute successfully by working in an independent fashion, but rather it seems our success is inevitably tied to someone else’s performance. We’ve Read More


Culture – Is It a Part of Your Hiring Process?

Every organization I’ve encountered has spoken about the importance of their culture and ensuring employees and leaders live the culture on a daily basis.  I’ve yet to encounter an executive who has told me culture isn’t important.  Everyone sees its importance and understands its impact on performance, however a disconnect  occurs in many organizations in Read More