Arizona District Export Council Are you delighted with the idea of making a real difference to the world in the area of global trade? Do you see yourself in a career that provides opportunities in both the public and private sectors? If it is important for you to directly support and be guided by influential Read More


Believe It or Deny It

Why it is So Important to Know Your Worth and Own Your Earned Value? This week I had another great opportunity to address three big topics that our listeners tell us are important to them.  In an effort to clarify some of our conversations, I took the time to address a few of the top Read More

Melissa Sanderson – Athena Award Recipient!

A special congratulations to our dear friend and business leader associate, Melissa Sanderson, Vice President, International Affairs, Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc. Mel was celebrated yesterday as the ATHENA Award Recipient in the Public Sector of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. It was of no surprise of us that Melissa received this great Read More


Why Should I Develop My Millennials?

I was posed with the following questions from a colleague – “Why should I develop my employees, especially the Millennials, when its likely they will leave within the next year or two to advance their career?  Isn’t that just throwing money away?” His question is a real one and even more relevant based upon research Read More


REI – Gutsy Market Leader!

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the latest news from REI’s CEO regarding their decision NOT to open their retail stores on Black Friday. My initial reaction was what a smart and courageous decision and an even smarter PR/Social Media campaign. Although I’ll never know the true motives behind this move, I do know one Read More


Born a Leader …

… and achieved success because of developing my leadership skills throughout my career. “I was born a leader” – One of the greatest quotes from this week’s guest who, after starting out as a secretary for a small business rose to the C-Suite of a publicly traded company Taser International. Kathy Hanrahan, CEO of New Read More


Our "Tippy Top" Expert was Right!

Just this week we hosted Kelly Stickel, CEO of Remodista. Kelly is a global retail expert traveling the world and counseling retail companies about the critical need to develop and execute a ‘stacked digital and in-store consumer model’ to compete in the near term and sustain and grow in the long-term. Kelly was explicit about Read More

kelly stickel

The Courage to Put Deserving Women at "The Very Tippy Top"

Leading During Uncertain Times – And Other Bits of Wisdom … According to Kelly Stickel, Founder and CEO of Remodista, the market has changed so dramatically that companies cannot convince or twist the arms of Millennials to buy products and services they do not want. Kelly joined us this week to talk leadership, e-commerce strategies Read More


Do You Hire Military Veterans? If so …

We are looking for organizations that place a high value on the U.S. military training and development and are hiring veterans. If you are a for-profit company and have implemented formal workforce objectives to recruit and hire veterans of our military, we would like to connect with you and possibly be a guest on our Read More

toxic 2

Blind Loyalty

Can You Afford One Toxic Employee? The answer to the question above seems obvious and I suspect the vast majority of leaders, if posed with this question, would respond with a resounding NO.  Ironically, I suspect many of these same leaders, if questioned further, would realize that they have in fact allowed a toxic employee Read More