Rod Martin, Major Ed Pulido, Denny Yates

The Magnificent Organization

As The Magnificent Leader Owns Their Earned Value & Market Relevance, So Does a Magnificent Organization … For the first time, I hosted a program that specifically asked for volunteer and monetary support for a magnificent organization, led by multiple magnificent military and patriots leaders all across this great nation.  The organization is the national Read More

Calling All Patriots & Golfers!

An Open Call to Action from Denny Yates, Chairman, Folds of Honor Arizona Hello my fellow Patriots, We are less than 5 weeks away from our 7th Annual Folds of Honor Arizona Wingman Open at the beautiful Wigwam Golf Club on April 8th. Registration ends 4 weeks from today so if you would like to Read More

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Leadership at the Ripe Ole’ Age of 21!

Age, Wisdom & Leadership – Does It Always Correlate? No, UNLESS you have the privilege of knowing this young man, Corey Kent White! Corey is a musician, writer and performer. You may have seen him on ‘The Voice’ last year. He’s a wonderful young man.  In my role as business adviser for so many years, Read More

Have Fun & Help Our Military Families!

Folds of Honor, a 501c3 Charitable Organization, Needs Our Help! FOH Mission:  Provide Scholarships for Spouses & Children of Our Fallen & Disabled Military Service Members, Which Includes All Branches of Service Kick up your heels and support a great cause! 

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A Season of Gratitude … The Empty Seat at the Table

A Call to Action … The week of Christmas, especially of late, always seems to sneak up on me.  We can easily find ourselves frazzled, frustrated and for a brief moment or two – sometimes wishing it would be over!  One of our recent guests however gave me a reason to reflect and re-purpose how Read More


Mission First, People Always

Purpose Born From Tragedy & Change … When you meet someone who is completely on purpose and leading a heart-felt mission doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do, it’s easy to see.  Even if words are never spoken, their energy, passion and laser-focused commitment are easily recognizable. Ironically, it is often Read More

Lady Gaga's Charity is Lady GAG-GAG's Joke on the Donor

Charities and celebrities!  It is shameful to take monies and not be a good steward of donor monies and gifts. Check out the latest travesty with celebrity and entertainers.  At the end of the article, it cites the problems with other celebrities.  This issue is so pervasive and disgusting that I choose NOT to include their names Read More

Non-Profits: Are You Connecting With Your Donors?

As technology has become common place in our society, online giving has become more and more popular.  Many non-profits, however, have missed the boat in this area both in terms of growing revenue from new and existing donors along with deepening relationships with current donors.  Online giving is critical to the long-term sustainability of an Read More


Chasing Short-Term Gains & Diminishing Long-Term Results

Has this economy impacted not only your revenue but your focus as well? Have you begun chasing revenue that four years ago wouldn’t have made it in to your pipeline – shifting your team’s focus? If you don’t have a strategic plan and a conscientious commitment to staying the course, you will likely find yourself in Read More


NON-Profits: A Question of Strategy & Planning

I have a financial mentor who posed this to me: QUESTION:       What is the core difference between FOR-profits and NOT-for-profits? ANSWER:           Its IRS Tax Designation. Unfortunately many non-profits still today believe that being successful takes only heartfelt employees who believe in the mission. In 2012, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If non-profits are going Read More