Culture – Is It a Part of Your Hiring Process?

Every organization I’ve encountered has spoken about the importance of their culture and ensuring employees and leaders live the culture on a daily basis.  I’ve yet to encounter an executive who has told me culture isn’t important.  Everyone sees its importance and understands its impact on performance, however a disconnect  occurs in many organizations in terms of their processes NOT aligning with valuing culture.

What do I mean?  As you are going through the hiring process, your prospective candidates are assessing and evaluating you and your company.  They are picking up on verbal and non-verbal clues as to the culture of the organization.  They are establishing their first (and typically correct) impression of your organization and its culture.

Bottom Line:

If culture is important to you, it should be a part of the hiring process and should be called out as such.  Many companies such as Zappos, have a round of interviews simply called culture interviews.  If you don’t pass this, you don’t move forward.  The message sent …. fitting in to our organization and playing by our rules is MORE important than the skill sets you bring.  Having a process like this allows you to bring new team members into the fold that will have a greater chance of success, longevity and advancement within your company – and as a result you will see increased innovation and success.

What messages are you sending?

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