Marketing Isn’t Just the Marketing Department

With the rise of social media instant communication and the ability to reach the masses has intensified for companies small and large, young and old.   This technological impact has required a thinking shift for ALL employees in terms of the role they play in marketing.   No longer is it ONLY the marketing team impacting brand and perception.   It has now become the responsibility of each and every employee receiving a paycheck.

Sound a bit far-fetched?   Let me give you a few examples. 

I’ll start with a personal one.   I’ve been looking to get back in the gym and get a step up on those all too familiar holiday pounds.   As such, I’ve been observing other trainers as they interact with clients to get a feel for the type of experience I’m looking for.   What I found were distracted trainers people watching, checking their technology all the while their client is busy pushing out those push-ups.   It took me 3 months of observing before I encountered a trainer providing a focused client experience.   That 3 months cost them almost $1,000.    This is a large gym and I’m certain I’m not the only one approaching the situation in this manner so on the conservative side, they are leaving well over $100,000 a year on the table … all because their people DON’T understand the role they play.

Let’s talk about my client who worked in finance who told me “I have nothing to do with marketing, I simply cut the checks.”   It was as though a light bulb turned on when I explained that all the vendors he was choosing to pay or not pay on time were potential clients, all willing to share their experience with others.   Based upon the type of service he chose to provide he was potentially reaching thousands of potential customers each month.   I’d say that’s pretty significant for someone who just “cuts the checks.”

Word spreads fast and far in terms of people willing to share their experiences.   Do your employees understand how they impact your brand?   If not, the time is right to have this discussion with them.   After all, marketing isn’t just for marketing anymore.


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