Politics and Principled Leadership Do Exist!

Mayor Carlat Proves Politics and Principled Leadership Do Exist. 

In today’s political climate it was simply an honor to have as our guest The Honorable Cathy Carlat, Mayor of City of Peoria Arizona.  You don’t have to take my word for it – just visit Peoria’s City Hall.  Without question, simply listen to what its city employees have to say about her leadership.  You’ll immediately ‘feel’ the positive vibration of its culture.

Mayor Carlat was a breath of fresh air as we think of politics today.  Good news – her principles span both public and private sectors.  She lives by three principles that have guided her through a successful career in Arizona and within a Fortune 500 in Texas.   Mayor Carlat kindly shared those below:

  • Priority 1 – all actions must be done with integrity – no exception.
  • Her word is her bond along with her personal commitment.
  • She holds a clear vision and concisely communicates that vision.

Mayor Carlat is a visionary that understands the critical nature of leadership.  She aligns constituents, citizens, professional government employees, higher education, for-profit enterprise to align a vision and successfully execute to its core essentials.  She understands the leadership need to drive value for generations to come.  Mayor Carlat provides practical tips about how to align others.  Take time to hear what she has to say – she’s a true visionary shaking up the status quo while leading with her three non-negotiable principles.

This interview is a gift to all that aspire to mirror such great leadership.  CLICK Here!

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