When Being Paranoid Can be Good Thing …

… In Business.

We are always amazed about our good fortune and privilege to interview magnificent leaders in all walks of life!

Our interview with Paolo Vianson, CEO of Durendal and managing partner of a venture capital firm, was no exception.  Within a two-week period, we have interviewed two global leaders that have tapped three major talents.  Those being engineering, finance and aligning strategies to lead high-performing organizations.

There were many nuggets of wisdom shared by Paolo.  As a young man born and raised in Italy, he was denied his birthright in his grandfather’s business who invented and launched the VESPA worldwide.  After he completed his education, he sold his car and moved to San Francisco.  He enjoyed great success at the beginning of his career.  Over the years he has designed, engineered and holds many patents worldwide for his inventions.

Paolo talks about his distinct privilege to meet and talk with a former CEO of Porsche.  One of the CEO’s statements made a huge impact on his life.  The CEO said he was adamant in his belief that everybody in the organization must be a little “paranoid” about being focused on the bottom line.  This advice gave way for Paolo to appreciate the critical need to raise the right amount of available capital, have consistent cash-flow, and the lifetime need to be a student of business. It was with this thinking that Paolo applied his continuous learning of Just-in-Time and LEAN manufacturing and distribution practices.

Paolo leads his life by:

  • Operating from a single source of truth.  Always seeking the truth, having the courage to move away from wishful or hopeful thinking – being as realistic as possible.
  • Feeling the fear and choosing to move through it.
  • Never betraying his gut instinct – not allowing his brain to override his gut.
  • Surrounding himself with people he trusts, those that will tell him the truth, and who are truly passionate about the opportunity at hand.

There’s more!  Tune in to our interview and found out what the ‘Simple Rule of 1/10/100/1000′ is and how it applies to your business and life.

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