The Magnificent Organization

As The Magnificent Leader Owns Their Earned Value & Market Relevance, So Does a Magnificent Organization …

For the first time, I hosted a program that specifically asked for volunteer and monetary support for a magnificent organization, led by multiple magnificent military and patriots leaders all across this great nation.  The organization is the national non-profit, Folds of Honor and its Arizona Chapter. 

Folds of Honor has a pure, simple, yet profoundly important mission – provide educational scholarships for spouses and children of our fallen and disabled veterans – all branches of the military. 

Under their citizen leadership and years of direct support, dedication and execution of the FOH mission, Denny Yates and Rod Martin, Chairman and Vice President respectively, Folds of Honor Arizona, informally gathered a group of volunteers and began raising monies to provide funding for scholarships for 7+ years.  Under their continued leadership, the national organization recognized their work and now they lead its Arizona Chapter.

Today, the need is growing and NOT stopping.  For the first time in its history, Folds of Honor is not able to meet the needs of our military families.  Note the evidence and need –

  1. Today there are 1 million+ dependents in need.
  2. 9 out of 10 families of our veterans receive NO educational benefits.
  3. We are in conflicts throughout the world.
  4. We support ALL military, whether or not in war zones.
  5. We need our citizen patriots – the government will not answer this need.

Peter Drucker held one basic principle and was known to say this time and time again:

“There is an old saying that good intentions don’t move mountains; bulldozers do.  In nonprofit management, the mission and the plan—if that’s all there is—are the good intentions.  Strategies are the bulldozers.  They convert what you want to do into accomplishment.”

Folds of Honor has adopted this principle – it has aligned its strategy to planning, execution, and demonstrated it is a good steward of other peoples’ monies.

Please help!  You can elect to help by buying a round of golf, becoming a sponsor, donating any amount that you can afford, or as a volunteer.  Click Here to Help and Have FUN!

Listen to our radio broadcast – it will lift your heart!  Thank you, Denny, Rod and all Folds of Honor members and volunteers!  Listen!

Most importantly, thank you to all of our active military, veterans and their families.  We are grateful.

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