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A Smart Person Knows When They are in the Presence of True Leadership!

I was in the presence of another magnificent leader this week when I had the privilege of hosting Ed Borromeo.  Ed is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer for Tallwave, Inc.  Tallwave is a technological business design and innovation agency.  It develops and launches bleeding edge technology.

As I talked with Ed I knew he was a true expert in business.  He has a keen understanding about the impact leadership has on success.  His journey has included obtaining his degree in environmental engineering at Berkeley.  An active service member of the Air Force for 6+ years, leading multidisciplinary operational teams.  Later, Ed was re-assigned as a chief of staff for a commanding general.

Ed left his military career and entered the for-profit market. To make sure he would have a smooth transition, Ed carefully interviewed and chose a disruptive organization that supported his leadership principles and work ethic.  That was just the beginning of his career!

Currently, Ed is an entrepreneur and leads in a dual role.  One of ownership and the other in leading and executing the mission of the organization.

During our time together, Ed shared his leadership practices and his 4 non-negotiable principles to leading and building innovative teams.  They are:

  • Ownership thinking.
  • High sense and level and feeling of accountability.
  • Teamwork and collaboration.
  • Contribution to a higher cause.

Ed is a master of applying the defined principles of leadership.  He understands the importance of leading –

  1. Teams that report up to you.
  2. Cross-functional organizations that you can only influence without binding authority.
  3. Finally, those who lead you.

Ed shares his no-nonsense, practical approach to success and offers great tips for continual success.  This is a great listen!  Click Here!

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