Is Compromise a Dirty Word?

Direct Answers to Direct Questions …

I take great pride in being me.

In my authentic communication style, yesterday I took the time to directly answer many of our listeners’ questions.

The purpose of the program was to provide clarity around the definition of the ‘The Magnificent Leader’.  I wanted to take time to give more information about its definition, concepts, and how to successfully leverage those lessons in your business life.

Below are a few of our listeners requested topics and questions:

  1. Why aren’t you a proponent of government intervention about salaries, wages, etc.?
  2. Why are you a proponent of the US Women’s Soccer Team top five athletes filing its discrimination lawsuit?
  3. Is compromise a dirty word?
  4. Define owning your value.  Why does this matter?  What is its impact to the individual contributor, the subject matter expert?
  5. What do you mean by ‘market relevance’?
  6. I am a mechanic, contractor, plumber, sales person and/or software engineer.  How do I think about my earned value?
  7. I started my company and was shocked about what I had to think about.  How can I think of strategy when I am new?
  8. As an owner, why is it important for me to own my value and market relevance as leader of the organization?

You’ll have to click here to hear her answer the following – Click Here to Listen!

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