Wrong Behaviors Losing $11M Yearly

The Critical Need to Understand the Art & Science of Behavior.

Over the last two weeks I have spoken directly to our listeners regarding the critical need to understand the art and science of behavior.  There is a real need to invest in the science of understanding what makes you and your team members tick.

I am still amazed at the number of leaders who do not invest time and money to maximize individual performance with proven tools.

These leaders do not understand they can easily enhance their own natural communication and leadership styles and those who report to them.  Not understanding those preferences negatively impact an ability to easily influence and inspire.  Failure to understand what makes people tick hurts our ability to help them rebound during periods of chaos and conflict.

During our May 3 program, I challenged the thinking and choices leaders make in this area.  I asked:

  1. Can you motivate others?  True or False?
  2. Why is understanding your natural behavior critical to success?
  3. What does behavior have to do with inspiration and authenticity?
  4. What does professional sports have to teach business about understanding role fit?
  5. What is the ‘whole person’?
  6. Why do some people make doing things look easy?

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During our May 10 program as a followup, I addressed the issue of linking behavior to building culture.  I opened discussing the natural styles of our final three presidential candidates. The election results will be a referendum of our country’s chosen culture based on what natural leadership and communication styles it sees in its elected leader.

In conclusion, download our program to hear the following real three examples of hiring the wrong behavior for the right role.

  1. Year-after-year losing $11 million due to hiring the wrong behaviors for the right sales role.
  2. Promoting a superstar individual contributor into the wrong management role.
  3. Removing a failed CFO and replacing them with the same negative behavioral type.

There are many nuggets of wisdom in both broadcasts  You cannot afford not to listen to these if you are in a leadership role!

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