In Case You Didn’t Know …

… There’s a Real Dynamo Leading the Tucson Hispanic Chamber!

Yesterday I celebrated the international and global markets on two fronts.

  1. I had the pleasure of hosting The Magnificent Leader, Lea Marquez Peterson, President/CEO, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Next, as moderator for a member-only virtual event for the Global Chamber under Doug Bruhnke’s leadership.

Early in the day, I was so privileged to interview Lea in studio.  Lea is an example of the genuine market leader in every walk of her life.  She exemplified those principles of leadership while at Shell Oil.  Then, she leveraged her gifts and talents as an entrepreneur owning a chain of gasoline stations.  Ultimately, Lea saw the need for a business brokerage in her area.  She successfully supported the entire market.  In addition, found a niche to support female business owners.  Lea’s representation provided an avenue to market and sell a business in order to protect the owner’s investment and needed ROI.

Currently, Lea is President/CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber.  She has celebrated huge wins while at the helm since 2009.  Under her leadership, today the chamber is the largest in Southern Arizona and is the largest Latino business organization in Arizona.  With her recent strategic partnership with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry she now leads 1,800 total members.  1,300 in Southern AZ and 500 in the Phoenix area.

If you want to discover the ‘secret receipt’ of how to become a successful leader,  join us as Lea offers her insights into:

  • Life’s lessons learned as a child at the family dinner table.
  • Her chosen studies to align with her life’s purpose.
  • Leveraging her value and efforts to build confidence, certainty and competence in every role.
  • Successes and lessons offered as a successful entrepreneur in two business ventures.
  • Showing up as authentic, inclusive and innovative.
  • Importance of nurturing a life fulfilled.
  • Positive impact as a global leader in the State of Arizona and beyond.

There are not enough words to paint the picture of Lea’s value and market relevance!  Click Here to Listen!




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