Sponsors: As I Move Up – So Will You

 Sponsors, Aren’t Those ONLY for Golfers and Racecar Drivers?

Over the last decades industry has moved into the sciences of human resource management.  We have elevated the need to supervise to manage to lead.  Instead of supervising, we have moved to the role of coach and mentor.  During this decade, the concept of sponsor has drawn a lot of attention.

As business leaders, it is important not to confuse the definition or concept of mentor vs. sponsor.  Many times they are interwoven.

The concept of sponsorship is somewhat new and confusing when you think of sponsors vs. mentors.  Once you understand your earned value in your role, it is critical to not blaze the trail alone.  Everyone needs a sponsor.  Those who own their earned value and choose to grow, not only require a sponsor but find it is a natural outgrowth of understanding and elevating their value.

If you are choosing to enlist the support of a sponsor, note the following requirements to build a long and lasting relationship:

The Right Sponsor for You –

  1. Champions Your Value
  2. Gets Buy-In from Other Leaders
  3. Gives Honest and Direct Feedback
  4. Takes You With Them
  5. Translation:  As I Move Up – So Will You

A sponsor is much more than someone who provides great counsel and wisdom.  A sponsor is commitment in action.  If you do not have a sponsor and are looking to grow your career get one now.  Find someone who you respect.  They must be in a position of authority and widely esteemed within the company.  They state a willingness to take you up with them.  The choice of gender is not relevant nor important.

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