Thought Leaders Sabotaging Brilliance!

Can You See a Train Wreck from 50 Paces!

If you can’t, you must take 50 minutes of your life and listen to our program with Vickie Sullivan!  If not, you may be sabotaging your brilliance and worth as a thought leader.

Vickie Sullivan is a brand and market strategist for thought leaders.  She helps brilliant people stand out in crowded markets.  Since 1987, Vickie has helped thousands of folks increase their prominence.  She is considered a top commentator on message strategy.  Vickie directly tells us that so many brilliant people are broken and self-sabotage their efforts.

Vickie gives us the real definition of thought leadership.  According to our ‘In-House Guru’, if you are a thought leader, you can count on –

  • Being given a hall pass.
  • Being seen as credible, authentic and what you say holds truth.
  • Being crowned with the ‘halo effect’.

In addition, Vickie answers the following questions about self-sabotage in a thought leadership role:

  1. Do thought leaders work harder than experts?
  2. Are thought leaders the smartest people in the room?
  3. What is the biggest difference between an expert and a thought-leader?
  4. Is there a place for every thought leader?
  5. On a professional level, how and why do great people sabotage their thought leadership efforts? What steps can be easily taken to reverse any self-sabotage?

Vickie is fun and animated!  She takes us to what she calls the ‘dark side’ and back into the light about thought leadership.

You think you know what thought leadership is?  I challenge you to listen and see if you have all of the pieces of thought leadership.  Listen to find out how to position your expertise within your industry or organization.  Vickie will tell you how to do it and command your worth!  Don’t miss this program!  It resonates to everyone.  Click Here!

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