Performance CANNOT Exceed Self Worth!

Part 2 of 2 – Self-Sabotage Series

Did you know that your personal performance cannot rise beyond the measure of your self-worth?  For me, that answered a lot of nagging questions, doubt and concerns.

I have had a blast the last two weeks interviewing two internationally renowned experts on self-sabotage.  My first guest was Vickie Sullivan, telling us about ‘going to the dark side’ of self-sabotage when making a major career transition and positioning your talents as a thought leader in your market.

Last week, we another fun and engaging guest, Dr. Mamiko Odegard!  Dr. M (as I love to refer to her!) is an international best-selling author and is known as the leading authority in overcoming self-sabotage so you can experience your ultimate love, relationships, world-class performance and career success. She has helped thousands of wonderful folks get to a place of feeling and being ‘EXTRAordinary’ and to find happiness and success in all walks of life.

During our program Dr. M provided the definition of sabotage and how it easily morphs into self-sabotage.  She shared about making the conscious decision to become the ‘banana’.  She gave true examples of how self-sabotage showed up in her life as a child moving from Japan to the US, and the steps she took to recognize the triggers of self-sabotage and move beyond them.

Dr. M’s authenticity provided a very safe place for me to open up to my issues of self-sabotage over the years.  We discussed the negative use of circular questions and how it propels further and deeper self-sabotage for which we have no answers.  She provided an alternative means of questions – the empowering questions – that provide answers to align the whole person to their thinking, feelings and needs and wants in the moment.

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