Global Chamber’s Culture of Inclusion!

I had the pleasure of moderating a virtual event for the Global Chamber. The topic was “Growth Tips from Magnificent Global Leaders”.  If you want to hear it you must join the tribe!  It’s easy.  Here’s the link:

In moderating the event I was struck by the positive culture of the organization.  It is universally about collaboration, openness, and generating global commerce.  There are so many organizations today that state they do the same, but when you get involved you find they are simply a place to trade business cards.  So many do not represent the same principles as the Global Chamber.  The Global Chamber is a safe, sacred place to tap into the right experts and resources.  Doing so provides a foundation to use speed to market and to win!

Check it out!  You’ll find such leaders as Henry Ines, venture capitalist and business leader, in San Francisco.  Tatiana Nikishina, a citizen of three countries!   Jeff Campos, a cultural and marketing expert in Denver.  Korina Smith, a humanitarian aligning business with the right thing to do in the world.  Ty Richardson, a business leader lifting an entire region between Trinidad and the Caribbean.

From The Magnificent Leader viewpoint, it was so refreshing to be in the presence of leaders who choose to help everyone involved within their sphere of influence.  You know, sometimes life is really good.  Especially when you are in the company of the right global folks!

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