Poof! Removing the Mystery of Exporting

I love diversity when it’s a natural outcome of a positive working environment.  It is always such an honor to support magnificent leaders in every walk of life. That’s exactly the experience I had moderating the SEP 27 Global Chamber webinar titled, ‘How to Expand (Export) Success.

A true leader in her own right, Tatiana Nikishina, New York Chapter Executive Director, assembled a powerhouse team originating in New York.  She enlisted the support of experts to participate in the webinar that spanned the globe. Tatiana tapped into the best of the best from New York to London to Dallas to San Diego to Phoenix.  Under Tatiana’s leadership, alongside New York Chapter Member, Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr., they coordinated the webinar appearance of Fred P. Hochberg, Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.  If you are exporting or interested to do so, this webinar is a must view.

Chairman Hochberg was simply spectacular!  Not only did Chairman Hochberg share his global vision he provided current examples of EX-IM clients and their road to export success. He gave practical advice to encourage large and small US companies to consider exporting their goods and services.  Frankly, Chairman Hochberg removed much of the false narrative about selling products and services outside of the US.  If you carefully listen to him, along with our other guests, the mysteries of exporting are almost all eliminated. In addition, Global Chapter Members and Executive Directors added great wisdom to the dialogue. If you already export goods and services, or are thinking of doing so, check out these go-to-experts:

Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr., Senior Managing Principal & President of Jeanensis, LLC – NEW YORK Chapter Member

  • Expert in the high-tech US and Japanese Markets – Financial & Regulatory Technology, Innovation Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Manufacturing/Robotics, Renewable Energy-Solar, High Rail Transportation, Freight Shipping, Healthcare & Life Sciences.

Ben Clumeck, President, Uber Trade Credit – DALLAS Chapter Member

  • Expert in Trade Credit Insurance and Export Financing.

Kuntal Warcick, Executive Director – SAN DIEGO Global Chapter

  • Decisive leader in building a successful export collaboration between government, private enterprise and community.

Doug Bruhnke, Founder/CEO – Global Chamber – Headquarters, Phoenix AZ

  • Global visionary and offering the organization’s value to their members and communities.

Irena Ashkenazi, Executive Director – LONDON England Global Chapter

  • Unfortunately, the technical gods weren’t kind crossing the ocean.  Irena provided a wonderful overview of the impact of Brexit to US exports and the London markets.  To learn more, check out Irena at the Global Chamber, London Chapter.

As you view the webinar, I believe you will be delighted as I by Chairman Hochberg ‘s genuine enthusiasm and authentic love for the American exporter.  Listen closely and you will hear the same enthusiasm and dedication from Doug Bruhnke, Founder & CEO of Global Chamber.  Because of Doug’s leadership and his team of global experts worldwide, his organization is driven to remove obstacles and reduce risks in import/export markets.  The Global Chamber Tribe will remove the mysteries of selling products and services globally, and in turn, will help you sustain long-term success.

Join The Tribe today!   Check out your local chapter. Go to www.globalchamber.org to find it.

Check out the webinar – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM0q3gFHfnk&feature=em-lbcastemail

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