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Do you think the average person thinks about opening a business or expanding operations in a war-torn country?  Well if you said ‘no’, you’d be answering like so many of us.

Because of my relationship with the Global Chamber, as usual, I get first-hand lessons about global business and international trade.

My latest lesson came when I was honored to host The Magnificent Global Leader, Meredith Wilson.  Meredith is the Founder and CEO of Emergent Risk International.  During our first few minutes together, Meredith provided a first-hand example of working closely with one of her clients who needed the trusted evidence about expanding their business operations and mitigating risk if they opened in Iraq.

Meredith tells us this is NOT the exception to her business.

As CEO, she acts as a political risk and intelligence advisor to executive leadership in the private sector.  Meredith’s background is diverse and far-reaching.  She built a solid foundation for successfully navigating both the public and private sectors, which included working for the US Department of Defense.  Currently, Meredith and her company serve Fortune 10 to 1000 companies, and in addition, serve small and mid-size organizations.

Meredith clearly states ‘risk intelligence in business is different from government intelligence’.  Her global team works to mitigate risk and uncover pertinent political, cultural, business and financial data impacting her clients’ future successes.  Her team provides evidence of what it means to enter, operate and sustain in any world market.

If your company could benefit from –

  1. Applying common sense decision-making when expanding internationally.
  2. Discerning between the ‘controllables vs. the uncontrollables’.
  3. Uncovering the true impact of the changing political climate.
  4. Removing subjective thinking and emotion and replacing it with objective decision-making.
  5. Using tried and proven business models based on current data and evidence.

If YES, then you need Meredith and her organization.  Click here to learn more!

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