Public Speaking in the Cross-Border World

In conjunction with Global Chamber, and specifically with New York Chapter Executive Director Tatiana Nikishina, together we launched a new, interactive format to elevate our broadcasts moving into 2017!  Our first broadcast is one of great interest and need – public speaking in the cross-border world.

As Executive Director of New York Chapter, Tatiana has again masterfully assembled a great panel for you to directly hear from three experts regarding their best approaches for international public speaking.  It includes communicating in challenging cultural environments and effectively building a foundation for success using a public speaking forum within the cross-border world.

What’s terrific about this approach?

You get direct, practical advice from a global communications expert, a civil rights attorney and a global finance professional.  Although they come from different career paths, they have much in common to drive international trade success!

Jayne Latz is an expert in communication skills. For over 25 years she has worked as a speech-language pathologist, professional speech trainer and coach,  Jayne is the proud the author of Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder, How to Succeed in Business With Clarity and Confidence. She shared practical advice and tips to answer:

  • Why corporate speech training is so critical to leaders at any level within any market.
  • Successfully using your native accent, and answering if there is a need for accent reduction.
  • The critical need to take command of the room and align your message with purpose.

Peter Gleason is an internationally acclaimed attorney with a political background based in New York City.  Civil Rights and Criminal Defense are his practice areas. What really intrigued me about Peter was when he emphasized:

  • The need to drive certainty and understand both sides of the ‘communication’ table.
  • Tried and true examples of why having a solid platform is more important than having stellar public speaking skills.
  • The power of the rhetorical question.

Kenneth A. Goodwin, Jr. is the Managing Principal of Jeanensis Capital Markets and a Professor at Baruch College. Ken is a frequent expert panelist at global capital markets conferences, think tanks and US and Asia government agencies.  Those include The U.S. White House Business Council / Business Forward. Kenneth shared an on-the-job learning experience while in a meeting for the Asia Capital Markets Conference, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Financial Market Forum.  He shared:

  • The critical need to quickly recognize if participants are not connecting.
  • The need to slow down, “feel” the room and immediately adjust your approach.
  • Adapting your cross-border speaking approach to tap into the real life experiences of each participant.

Considering moving into international trade?

If so, tap into your natural communication style to effectively grow your business in cross-border markets.  Click here to enjoy!

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