Toyota’s Trade Lady and the Global Chamber

I had the great privilege to host the Global Chamber’s broadcast,Global Outlook for 2017′

Our guest was Leila Aridi Afas, Director, International Public Policy for Toyota.  Leila offered real-world insight regarding the importance of the global export role for the United States.  She stated we have a need to continue worldwide trade collaboration.

Leila operates from fact.  If you are a business person and tired of listening to conjecture and opinion, this is a must view for you.


As a basis of her experience and knowledge in the workforce, along with her history with the USTDA, Leila provided great information about her global employer.  Although Toyota is headquartered in Japan, Leila told us its U.S. headquarters employs 136,000 U.S. workers.  She explained that Toyota has taken a leadership role for using U.S. talent in the states.  As a part of its U.S. global strategy, Toyota partnered with technical and higher education institutions to develop training in advanced manufacturing.  Leila proudly claimed that Toyota did just that – filled its U.S. advanced manufacturing jobs with a U.S. workforce.

Did You Know?

  • Less than 5% of U.S. companies export.  The entire world is open for business!
  • Currently, there are 525 million NEW middle-class buyers in China and growing.
  • There are currently 20 U.S. free-trade partners.
  • If our new President and his administration succeed in creating true tax reform, it most likely will support the growth of the U.S. export market.
  • There is a concept called “accidental exporting“.

How to Succeed in 2017 and Beyond?

Leila continued that it will become increasingly important to align with organizations like Global Chamber.  Today, Global Chamber has 525 global regions!  Those organizations help prioritize ways to drive success, mitigate risks and elevate global relationships.  Today, the right networking will help you navigate changes to NAFTA and other current and pending trade deals. It’s a great day for you to consider exporting.  Join the international trade market and reap its benefits!  Click here to listen!


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