Diplomat to Private Sector International Leader

Did you know the role of the U.S. diplomat includes helping U.S. businesses successfully connect the right industry leaders all over the world?  Those resources are FREE!

In support of the Global Chamber, I had the privilege of interviewing a global phenomenon in her own right – Melissa (Mel) Sanderson, Vice President International Affairs, for Freeport McMoRan, Inc.  She has over 20 years as a global diplomat and transitioned her successes into the private sector.

Mel offered the perfect marriage of experience and success.  If you can’t answer the questions below, or do not have first-hand experience in the following areas, you really need to take advantage of this learning opportunity.  Mel clearly answered the following questions and more.

  1. How is the mining market today, and where is it headed? How do the ups and downs of the global mining market impact strategy and business implementation?
  2. What did you find as key to success in the world of diplomacy?  How do the skills required overlap with diplomacy?  Does the government do things at the embassies that helps businesses and how do companies tap into that?  What leadership styles work in diplomacy and in cross-border business?  What resources can you count on as a business owner or executive to stay current, productive, and help you mitigate risk?
  3. What tips do you have for business executives in mining?  Business executives overall?
  4. Where do you see the global markets this year and going forward?
  5. If there was one thing for executives doing global business to follow, what would that be?

Mel is knowledgeable, experienced and current with the workings of the global marketplace.  If you don’t know where to start, or need help in a certain area of the world, this is a must view for you and your organization.  https://youtu.be/vLakteIgaC4

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