Female Leaders

Nandini Srinivasan, Co-Founder & COO of Cactus Semiconductor Inc.
Nandini Srinivasan, Co-Founder & COO of Cactus Semiconductor Inc.

50+% of Your Workforce …

Why address it?  Women have been told that in order to achieve success they must amend who they are as leaders.  Whether it is being bolder, or less pushy, the principle is the same – YOU just aren’t good enough.

It is time to recognize, embrace and honor the true principle of leadership – leadership is leadership and is blind to gender.

Breaking the Good Girl Syndrome® is about throwing out this lie and giving women the confidence and skills they need to claim their authentic leadership in business WITH success.

It discards the notion of a one-size-fits-all description – as a means of SURVIVING rather than THRIVING – by being authentic in their leadership.  Our mission is for women to stop amending, conforming, and/or walking away from who they are and step into their leadership magnificence.

Our Core Belief:  

  • Skill Development is ONLY a Temporary Fix to a Permanent Problem for Women UNLESS You Address the Issue of Women & Value (Compensation)

It is critical that we create and offer a safe environment for every professional woman to own their personal value, recognize and leverage wisdom and certainty to own their personal leadership, while at the same time, develop their overall confidence to message their intended results.  These three principles align with every life choice – both professionally and personally.

Breaking the Good Girl Syndrome® is based on owning, celebrating and honoring individual magnificence!  Join us on our transformational journey to support every professional woman in their quest to honor themselves in such a way that is it translational and uplifting!


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