The Magnificent Leader

… Has a Zest for Life and an Appetite to Live It to the Fullest! 

The magnificent leader loves their people, removes obstacles to their success, and celebrates their wins with everyone.  These individuals understand the need to create joy, happiness and life fulfillment, and as such enjoy career and financial success.

Today, leaders must address the global need to develop a workforce poised to lead.  There is a global war for talent.  One of a leader’s greatest need is to create long-term organizational stability by having a bench of tried and true leaders able to take charge at a moment’s notice.

Azar & Lee on Radio Show 2 16 2016
Patty & Lee Benson – CEO, Able Aerospace Services, Inc.

Our work with principled leaders and forward-thinking organizations, in accordance with our global research, offers the key to developing a bench of decisive leaders poised to lead in a competitive, disruptive markets.

Our Approach & Philosophy … Since 1990

We always integrate our development principles and methods into our client’s unique and specific culture. We believe that while the principles often remain the same, effective development and alignment must be adaptable to the needs of the business.  From basic leadership principles to facilitations focused on conflict, negotiation, or hiring beyond the resume, our understanding of what makes people tick allows us to support our clients in building high performing teams committed to true business success.

Our NON-NEGOTIABLE Principles …

Vision Alignment elects to engage and support organizations that choose to:

  1. Develop professional leadership within ALL LEVELS of its organization.
  2. Unconditionally support agree-upon NON-NEGOTIABLE PRINCIPLES to align strategy and execution.
  3. Develop and/or refine its strategy and organization to position itself to be DISRUPTIVE and FORWARD-THINKING.
  4. INVEST in creating a workforce of HIGH POTENTIALS to execute within a culture of efficiency, full participation with opportunity to develop and grow.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  1. Corporate Identity Development
  2. Strategy Development & Organizational Alignment
  3. Building & Strengthening Successful Leaders
  4. Development and Retention of High Performers
  5. Cross-Functional & Team Development
  6. Building & Implementing Strong, Positive Cultures
  7. Communication Essentials

Our Client Demographics:

  1. Seasoned & Emerging Leadership
  2. Disruptive Start-Ups to Fortune 100 Companies
  3. High-Potential Employees Placed in Career Ladder Programs

Our Perfect Clients In Business, Non-Profits & Governments:

  1. Invest in their people
  2. Choose to create growth & prosperity
  3. Are forward thinking
  4. Are disruptive in their market

Master Facilitators Delivering Development Methods Designed To Meet Your Needs:

  1. Inductive & Experiential Workshops
  2. Global Web Conferencing
  3. Executive & Team Retreats
  4. Keynotes
  5. Train-the-Trainer Certifications & Licensing


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