Diversity Leaders

Azar interviewing Hamid Shojaee 2
Patty Interviewing Hamid Shojaee Founder & CEO – Pure Chat, Inc.

Are You Growing Your Talent?

Or, are you training your best leaders to work for your competitors?  The war on talent is fierce and is often the single biggest differentiator between you and your competition.  We understand that in today’s fast-paced environment, you must have a fully engaged workforce that understands their role, the VALUE they drive, and feels VALUED for the success they bring.

This issue becomes increasingly important when organizations quantify and understand the importance of a diverse workforce.  It directly impacts your strategy and approach as you consider how to recruit, develop and retain your high potential employees, especially those that reside within a minority population.

Through our work and continued research, we have found the biggest impediment to developing leadership high performers within a minority population is 1) Does the organization see them of value? 2) Do they have the tools and knowledge to see and measure their own value? 3) Does their real or perceived power position within the organization limit their success?   So how do you keep these valued employees engaged with a focus on innovation and success?

Vision Alignment’s Training & Development Offers Transformational Growth

In order to TRANSFORM your organization through your people, you must provide development opportunities that translate to the individual, resonate with them, and are meaningful to the work they do day-in and day-out.

We Help Your People Answer,

  1. How do I currently perceive my value, and how do others perceive it?
  2. What impact do these perceptions have on my ability to innovate, execute and take strategic risks?
  3. What is my true value, and how do I message it?

Individuals Leave Understanding,

  1. How to move beyond preconceived notions and stereotypes and step into a position of power prepared to fully engage.
  2. How to leverage their strengths to lead people up, down and across an organization.
  3. How to communicate based upon outcomes and results, aligned to strategy rather than a litany of lists and tasks.
  4. How to take calculated risks with ease and comfort.

We Focus On,

  1. Removing harmful and unnecessary divisive issues for any minority work group and replacing them with effective strategies to avoid those traps.
  2. Removing organizational issues relating to bias, emotional or limited messaging and transforming them into effective business arguments.
  3. Reducing and removing the effects of isolation and replacing it with a sense of community and team ownership.
  4. Ensuring individuals understand the importance of moving beyond mentors to obtaining formal sponsors able to actively participate in their advancement.

We believe training and development is most effective when fully integrated with the needs of the business and translated to the individual.  As a result, we ensure our training is in alignment with,

  1. Individual and company goals.
  2. Career goals of the individual.
  3. Culture and values of the organization.

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