Millennial Leaders

Are You Properly Investing In This Generation of Leaders & Innovators??

Millennials are in a power position and are driving the future state of business.   Although not seasoned professionals with years of experience, they hold informal power centers within organizations due to their sheer numbers and developing as emerging leaders is critical.

Millennials are very differen2014-11-17-millennialoffice-thumbt than the generations before them in terms of how to keep them engaged.

Companies wanting to tap into this rich cohort of innovation and energy will be required to spend vast amounts of time and capital in order to fully engage and retain the very best.

Smart organizations have gotten the message, Millennials expect a heavy investment in their professional and personal development.

Failure to do so will prove to drive employee attrition in this category, lower employee engagement, and decreased market innovation.  Translation, you will lose your best and brightest to your competitors.

Millennials require principled leadership, ranking this higher than salary and other benefits.  They choose to work for organizations that are open, transparent, fluid and provide consistent feedback.  They believe trust is earned rather than automatically given.  They have been coddled and protected by helicopter parents and have been dubiously labeled the entitled generation.  Why is this relevant?  It is relevant because it impacts their approach to business and places a training burden on the companies who employee them.

Our approach takes into account the need to reset expectations in terms of their roles.  We understand the issues that could most negatively impact engagement and success such as a true understanding of their role and the ROI required.  In dealing with these issues early on, high performers have a more realistic understanding of appropriate compensation and perks.

Vision Alignment’s Training & Development Offers Transformational Growth

In order to TRANSFORM your organization through your people, you must provide development opportunities that translate to the individual, resonate with them, and are meaningful to the work they do day-in and day-out.  You must give them an opportunity to see their future growth with you.  We help you do that.

We Help Your Millennials Answer,

  • Why was I hired and what value do I drive now and in to the future?
  • How is that value perceived by others and is my own behavior and communication enhancing or diminishing that value?
  • What tweaks can I make to enhance the value I bring?

Individuals Leave Understanding,

  • What my natural leadership and communication styles are and how I naturally approach executing day-in and day-out.
  • How to move beyond a task-minded focus to that of positively impacting the strategic success of the company.
  • How to leverage their strengths to lead people up, down and across an organization.
  • How to communicate based upon outcomes and results, aligned to strategy rather than a litany of lists and tasks.

We Focus On,

  1. What fulfillment (rather than balance) looks like in their life and how to align it with the requirements of the job.
  2. Removing organizational issues relating to bias, emotional or limited messaging and transforming them into effective business arguments.
  3. Developing the beginnings of a career path with a solid plan behind it which links their ability to obtain formal sponsors able to actively participate in their advancement.

We believe training and development is most effective when fully integrated with the needs of the business and translated to the individual.   As a result, we ensure our training is in alignment with,

  • Individual and company goals.
  • Career goals of the individual.
  • Culture and values of the organization.


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