Marketing Isn’t Just the Marketing Department

With the rise of social media instant communication and the ability to reach the masses has intensified for companies small and large, young and old.   This technological impact has required a thinking shift for ALL employees in terms of the role they play in marketing.   No longer is it ONLY the marketing team impacting brand Read More

Successful Ownership Requires Courage!

A recent article (see link below) about a business owner (who just so happens to be a female) and her bold approach as she first stepped into her role as operations manager of a full service event company stunned me and made me pause.   I paused not from disappointment but from the courage she displayed Read More


How Do I Get My Money Back?

For years now as a Chief Advisor and Master Facilitator I have been known to ask any and all type of intrusive questions in order to get at core business issues. It is my job to ensure our clients are moving forward. I’ve been topped! I was on a conference call this week with a Read More