Single Source of Truth …

… Is NOT Only a Function of Your Finance Department. Are you familiar with the concept, single source of truth? A majority of organizations apply this principle and assign its application to its finance department only.  CFOs are charged to create and execute to factors they deem critical to the success of the enterprise. To Read More

Brian Foster

Can I Win with You? A Leader’s Strategy

It’s Not the Size of Your Business – It’s the Right Size of Your Leadership Team! So many times when we think of leadership we see the same mental pictures – mega organizations, leading companies, managing resources, building teams, and executing effectively. What if there was another component to success – those critical components necessary Read More

melissa sanderson pic

Fascinating Authentic Leadership

Life brings you the occasional opportunity to meet the most fascinating people.  Individuals, have a unique ability to draw you in with their storytelling to the point that they are able to transport you to another place at another time.  This week’s guest, Melissa “Mel” Sanderson, Vice President, International Affairs at Freeport McMoRan Copper & Read More


Born a Leader …

… and achieved success because of developing my leadership skills throughout my career. “I was born a leader” – One of the greatest quotes from this week’s guest who, after starting out as a secretary for a small business rose to the C-Suite of a publicly traded company Taser International. Kathy Hanrahan, CEO of New Read More


At 11 Years Old, A Simple Line of Code …

It started at the age of 11 with a simple line of coding that made a computer spell out his name. And now as a successful entrepreneur, Hamid Shojaee is embarking on his next success Pure Chat, Inc. after successfully launching and catapulting Axosoft, Inc. We had the great opportunity of sitting down along side Read More


Keys To Building A Successful Career in A Start-Up

I had a conversation with a colleague that is considering taking the plunge into the world of a small start-up. After spending 15 years in big corporate America, she was ready for a change and thought the flexibility in a start-up was just what she was looking for.  Fortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve Read More


Build on Strengths, Fail Fast & Fail Forward

Two of the principles we instill in our clients is that 1) Build from your strengths and focus on those strengths (as opposed to your weaknesses) and, 2) Fail fast and fail forward. We always like it when other CEOs, independent of our counsel, say the same things.  Here is one CEO’s perspective on both. Read More


How Can You Easily Lose $3000?

I recently read an article that says it costs Starbucks $3000 to replace just one barrister. Think about that – $3000 to replace a $10/hour employee. What does that say about the cost (much less the time) to replace those that carry a specialty skill?  Ironically, however many employers have resigned themselves to thinking it Read More


$4M to $44M in Just 2 Years!

What are the keys to aligning principled leadership and success? So often in our professional lives, we build a plan – our path to success.  And, in the process of staying true to the plan we miss the opportunities that are literally knocking down our door. We are fortunate that our guest today, Dr. Rebecca Read More


30 Days – The Magic Number for New Hire Success!

How To Set Your People Up For Success During their First 30 Days … You post a job, find the right candidate, offer them the role and they accept!  They show up on day one and dive right in.  You’re happy, they’re happy until … you aren’t and they aren’t. Three months into the job, Read More