Are You Positioning Your Emerging Leaders for Success?

I find that emerging leaders, as a whole, are the most fascinating cohort in business today.  Their position within the company, their responsibilities, and their impact to success makes them one of the most complex and difficult places to reside.  Ironically, it also places them in a tremendous position to drive company-wide success and quickly Read More

You Simply Can’t Afford Even One Bad Employee

I always ask the small business owners we interact with the following question:  “How important is it for you to have a fully engaged workforce?”   As you can imagine, the answer is always the same.  “It is absolutely important.   We are too small and have too much going on for anyone not to pull their Read More

Transition Takes Patience & Courage

People transition for a number of reasons:  layoffs, culture fits, and growth opportunities just to name a few.   While the reasons are many, the principles for success are the same.  Before you decide to jump on the transition train, make sure you are prepared to be successful; after-all, you have decided to make the change Read More

Learning for Emerging Leaders

The U.S. Labor Department’s August Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, popularly known as “the quit rate” because it measures the number of people voluntarily leaving their jobs, is the highest since June 2008, when the economy was in recession.    Coupled with an economy that is beginning to recover, these valuable employees that have stayed Read More

Marketing Isn’t Just the Marketing Department

With the rise of social media instant communication and the ability to reach the masses has intensified for companies small and large, young and old.   This technological impact has required a thinking shift for ALL employees in terms of the role they play in marketing.   No longer is it ONLY the marketing team impacting brand Read More

No Training = Training to Fail

Have you ever found yourself in the position of promoting your star, so excited about their future only to be frustrated with their inability to successfully transition into a leadership role?   This perplexing phenomenon happens more often than you would think and, quite honestly, more often than it needs to happen. So often in business we Read More

Purpose & Outcome – The Lost Part of the Equation

Our daily schedules are filled with stuff, stuff and more stuff.   Meetings, calls, to-do lists followed by more meetings that seem to go on forever.   Many of us find ourselves just hoping to find the time to take a breath, and when we do take a moment to breathe, we remember we also have that Read More

Successful Ownership Requires Courage!

A recent article (see link below) about a business owner (who just so happens to be a female) and her bold approach as she first stepped into her role as operations manager of a full service event company stunned me and made me pause.   I paused not from disappointment but from the courage she displayed Read More

Regulated Restroom Breaks … Are You Serious?

I came across an article the other day who outlined such ludicrous rules in a manufacturing plant, that I would have chalked it up to a work of fiction had they not named the company.   It seems they recognized that “extended bathroom breaks” at inopportune times were reducing productivity to the tune of 120 hours Read More

Employee ENGAGEMENT – Its Impact to Bottom-Line

Arizona is home to more call centers than I dare to count.  This industry in particular has been branded with a reputation for churning and burning – particularly at the agent level.  Interestingly enough, this seems to have been adopted as an acceptable norm for many. The irony in this thinking is that call centers are Read More