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Diplomat to Private Sector International Leader

Did you know the role of the U.S. diplomat includes helping U.S. businesses successfully connect the right industry leaders all over the world?  Those resources are FREE! In support of the Global Chamber, I had the privilege of interviewing a global phenomenon in her own right – Melissa (Mel) Sanderson, Vice President International Affairs, for Read More


REI – Gutsy Market Leader!

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the latest news from REI’s CEO regarding their decision NOT to open their retail stores on Black Friday. My initial reaction was what a smart and courageous decision and an even smarter PR/Social Media campaign. Although I’ll never know the true motives behind this move, I do know one Read More


Our "Tippy Top" Expert was Right!

Just this week we hosted Kelly Stickel, CEO of Remodista. Kelly is a global retail expert traveling the world and counseling retail companies about the critical need to develop and execute a ‘stacked digital and in-store consumer model’ to compete in the near term and sustain and grow in the long-term. Kelly was explicit about Read More

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Blind Loyalty

Can You Afford One Toxic Employee? The answer to the question above seems obvious and I suspect the vast majority of leaders, if posed with this question, would respond with a resounding NO.  Ironically, I suspect many of these same leaders, if questioned further, would realize that they have in fact allowed a toxic employee Read More


How Can You Easily Lose $3000?

I recently read an article that says it costs Starbucks $3000 to replace just one barrister. Think about that – $3000 to replace a $10/hour employee. What does that say about the cost (much less the time) to replace those that carry a specialty skill?  Ironically, however many employers have resigned themselves to thinking it Read More

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Patty & Boomer Job Market Truths

Patty was a guest on Kalynn Amadio‘s podcast, The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide. Join Patty as she breaks some of the stale myths held today about boomers and the job market, plus practical tips for boomers to align their skills to purpose and joy!  

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3 Steps to Engage the Human-Employee Connection

In the war on talent, you will find it critical to move beyond the disconnect that is costing you. “If you do things as you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  We’ve all heard this a million times and most of us would agree with its meaning. Many of us however have Read More

Bachelor Host Chris Harrison … The Tell All Episode

It’s easy to see the successes of those that have made it big in Hollywood, the red carpet walks, the lavish vacation destinations etc., however it is rare that we get an inside look at the person behind the success – the real person behind closed doors.  That was my hope in interviewing Chris Harrison, Read More

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Keep 'em or Lose Them, Your Choice

Do you know what the one thing is that will either run-off a high performer or keep them forever?  We do, we see it all of the time. Have you ever managed someone thinking all was well only to be blindsided by a resignation?   Were you stunned and confused as to why they would want Read More

70% of Employees Say You Missed the Target about Culture

If you believe perks are a substitute for human intervention you have missed the culture target. I recently read an article about the four ways to make your people love you more – all ironically had to do with culture.  Not one had to do with process or hard skill development.  In this day and Read More