melanie healey

$30B Budget – Global Leadership Brazil to US

Would You Get a Standing Leadership Ovation from Your Team? How much time do you spend with your new hires on their first day?  Is it 30 minutes, an hour or maybe none at all.  Melanie Healey, Proctor & Gamble’s recently retired Group President, North America, says this might be one of the most important Read More

chuck warshaver

Warrior Leader – $10 Million in 2 Years!

What can an angry warrior leader accomplish in such a short amount of time?   If you are referring to Chuck Warshaver – the answer is ‘$0 to $10 million in only 2 years!‘ The role of the CEO and/or senior executive within a start-up, small business, Fortune 100, or non-profit comes with unique nuances.  Read More

JoAnn Holland

How to be Authentically Bold, Fearless & Shameless …

… and NOT be penalized for it! When I was growing up, it was very much the norm to stay in your chosen profession, changing only to move up the ladder but not to move into a different area of expertise.  Now however, this trend has reversed and it isn’t unusual to see leaders reinventing Read More


Attracting Millennials & Keeping Them

Due to their sheer numbers alone, Millennials are garnering lots of attention in the war on talent, and for good reason. The world they’ve been raised in is very different from that of other generations. Most received their first piece of technology long before they hit a classroom and can get access to so much Read More

rachel stamm

Three Keys to Growing Revenue

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt. These words, taped to every desk she has ever used, have carried this week’s guest through tough days and given her the confidence to drive home the big wins. Rachel Stamm, Title Project Consultant -
 Education Planning Initiative for the CA Community College Read More

Candace-Weist-Web-Size (2)

First Female NFL Coach – Go AZ Cardinals!

What does the Arizona Cardinals NFL Team have in common with the West Valley National Bank? They both employ females within key leadership roles. I’ve always been fascinated by trailblazers.  Today two are being recognized as leaders within the Valley of the Sun! Early this morning, a stunning announcement was made that Jen Welter was Read More

Vickie Sullivan

Vickie's Wisdom – Why Brilliant Thought Leaders Get Ignored

We are always grateful for our friends and business associates! We had so much fun hosting Vickie Sullivan a few weeks back on our radio program and podcast.  Thank goodness she felt the same way! As a true thought leader expert, Vickie blogs, What happens when you put three brilliant women together? Too much fun. Read More

swa small

Hire Tough, Manage Easy

Magnificent leaders come in all shapes and styles, how they lead, how they message and the skills they bring are often very different but they all share a common belief – their people matter!  This week’s guest embodies this like few do working for one of the most respected companies in the US – Southwest Read More

young team

3 Steps to Engage the Human-Employee Connection

In the war on talent, you will find it critical to move beyond the disconnect that is costing you. “If you do things as you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  We’ve all heard this a million times and most of us would agree with its meaning. Many of us however have Read More


Summer Vacation Guilt & Stress

As a mom and professional woman, I had a conversation with a colleague recently that I suspect many other women (and men) have already begun to stress about – how to survive summer! Below is the our conversation and the ultimate question posed to me: As we move into the summer months I am already Read More