Lea Marquez Peterson

In Case You Didn’t Know …

… There’s a Real Dynamo Leading the Tucson Hispanic Chamber! Yesterday I celebrated the international and global markets on two fronts. I had the pleasure of hosting The Magnificent Leader, Lea Marquez Peterson, President/CEO, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Next, as moderator for a member-only virtual event for the Global Chamber under Doug Bruhnke’s leadership. Read More

JoAnn Holland

How to be Authentically Bold, Fearless & Shameless …

… and NOT be penalized for it! When I was growing up, it was very much the norm to stay in your chosen profession, changing only to move up the ladder but not to move into a different area of expertise.  Now however, this trend has reversed and it isn’t unusual to see leaders reinventing Read More

wendy briggs

Negotiating Success as an Influencer

Two issues that many business leaders struggle with were addressed head on this week by Wendy Briggs, Co-founder and Director of Veridus, a multidisciplinary lobbing and government affairs in Phoenix, Arizona. Wendy’s successful track record in negotiation and leading without authority provided great insight to leaders inside and outside of politics.   She was open and Read More

crown ugly

Sandra Yancey – NO Crown for Nobel Poverty!

Have you found yourself surrounded with only six people who are predicting your success? In Sandra’s usual magnificent way, she inspired all of us by telling us her childhood story that acts as the foundation for her business and personal success. Sandra grew up as a first generation American. Her mother immigrated from Mexico and Read More

SmartFem Magazine – Our New Partner!

We are so very proud to be a part of Lea Haben-Woodford’s wonderful vision to support all professional women and to be included in her amazing publication, SmartFem Magazine for the Woman on the Go! Today Lea published our first article, The Dangers of Servant Leadership, specifically written to support women and the need to Read More

Vicki Panhuise

4 Keys To Rising Through The Corporate Ranks

Our radio show has provided us the opportunity to be in the presence of many smart and successful businesswomen, so I don’t typically get intimidated but for a brief moment, this week’s guest left me feeling this way.  Why do you ask? Well one need not to look any further than her resume.   Not only Read More


From the UAE to Saudi To The US – Taking The World By Storm

Our radio show, Breaking the Good Girl Syndrome, has given us the opportunity to meet many great women. Women, quite honestly, that are truly changing the world and women I’ve come to admire. Today was no different as we sat down with Najla Arekat, Founder and Principal of ADL Global Capital. I knew she had Read More

CC Logo

Truth & Guts to Say NO

Our team has had the true honor of being aligned with Kristi Hall, CEO of Conscious Connections.  I can say without a doubt that Kristi is one of the most honorable and truthful women I have met in my business career.  She has always been a woman of her word, kept all of her commitments Read More

Move Over Guys! First Woman-Owned Hedge Fund in AZ

Nalja Arekat,CEO ADL Global Capital PROGRAM TITLE: Pitfalls to Avoid and Paths to Success – Reaching the Top —  Success In Male Dominated Fields PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Learn from the first-ever female-owned hedge fund in Arizona.  Hear what it takes to be successful in a field dominated by men and how taking control of your finances is Read More


The Two-Letter Word That Will Dramatically Improve Your Business

As a southern woman well-versed in etiquette, manners and all things expected, I somehow missed one of the most important chapters about success in business, a chapter that could have shaved time, effort and stress off of my life during my twenties and early thirties. Based upon conversations with hundreds of women whose books also Read More