You Simply Can’t Afford Even One Bad Employee

I always ask the small business owners we interact with the following question:  “How important is it for you to have a fully engaged workforce?”   As you can imagine, the answer is always the same.  “It is absolutely important.   We are too small and have too much going on for anyone not to pull their Read More

Marketing Isn’t Just the Marketing Department

With the rise of social media instant communication and the ability to reach the masses has intensified for companies small and large, young and old.   This technological impact has required a thinking shift for ALL employees in terms of the role they play in marketing.   No longer is it ONLY the marketing team impacting brand Read More

Successful Ownership Requires Courage!

A recent article (see link below) about a business owner (who just so happens to be a female) and her bold approach as she first stepped into her role as operations manager of a full service event company stunned me and made me pause.   I paused not from disappointment but from the courage she displayed Read More

Regulated Restroom Breaks … Are You Serious?

I came across an article the other day who outlined such ludicrous rules in a manufacturing plant, that I would have chalked it up to a work of fiction had they not named the company.   It seems they recognized that “extended bathroom breaks” at inopportune times were reducing productivity to the tune of 120 hours Read More

Non-Profits: Are You Connecting With Your Donors?

As technology has become common place in our society, online giving has become more and more popular.  Many non-profits, however, have missed the boat in this area both in terms of growing revenue from new and existing donors along with deepening relationships with current donors.  Online giving is critical to the long-term sustainability of an Read More


NON-Profits: A Question of Strategy & Planning

I have a financial mentor who posed this to me: QUESTION:       What is the core difference between FOR-profits and NOT-for-profits? ANSWER:           Its IRS Tax Designation. Unfortunately many non-profits still today believe that being successful takes only heartfelt employees who believe in the mission. In 2012, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If non-profits are going Read More

Fundraising – Setting Right Donor Expectations

Fund Raising Consultants of Phoenix AZ are simply the best at what they do. Check out their blogs regarding 2 hot topics in today’s fundraising efforts for ANY non-profit: BEGIN BLOG: 3 Things Donors do not expect from Board Members As discussed in the last blog post, donors have a specific set of expectations relative Read More

Linking Art and Science of Behavior to Drive ROI

Vision Alignment was approached by Grasshopper® to provide data on its foundational philosophy:  The art and science of behavior and how it is used to successfully drive ROI. Check out the following excerpt: Is Entrepreneurship Right for You? . . . BEGIN EXCERPT The road of entrepreneurship can be difficult at times, to say the Read More