Global Chamber’s Culture of Inclusion!

I had the pleasure of moderating a virtual event for the Global Chamber. The topic was “Growth Tips from Magnificent Global Leaders”.  If you want to hear it you must join the tribe!  It’s easy.  Here’s the link: In moderating the event I was struck by the positive culture of the organization.  It is Read More

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When Being Paranoid Can be Good Thing …

… In Business. We are always amazed about our good fortune and privilege to interview magnificent leaders in all walks of life! Our interview with Paolo Vianson, CEO of Durendal and managing partner of a venture capital firm, was no exception.  Within a two-week period, we have interviewed two global leaders that have tapped three Read More


Our "Tippy Top" Expert was Right!

Just this week we hosted Kelly Stickel, CEO of Remodista. Kelly is a global retail expert traveling the world and counseling retail companies about the critical need to develop and execute a ‘stacked digital and in-store consumer model’ to compete in the near term and sustain and grow in the long-term. Kelly was explicit about Read More

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Going Global Could Create 15% More Profit

Have you ever considered taking your company global?  If not, you are likely missing out on significant revenue growth that your competition is securing. For example, companies that have moved into exports are 15% more profitable than those that don’t.  When you learn that 75% of the opportunities lie outside the United States, this begins Read More


Keys To Building A Successful Career in A Start-Up

I had a conversation with a colleague that is considering taking the plunge into the world of a small start-up. After spending 15 years in big corporate America, she was ready for a change and thought the flexibility in a start-up was just what she was looking for.  Fortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve Read More

Who Put the Tiger in Tiger Wood's Golf Bag?

Last month as you tuned into watch The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, you will notice more than just the top golfers playing on one of the most prestigious golf courses.   If you look closely at their bags, you will notice a fuzzy animal or two or three safely placed over their most coveted Read More

What You Fail to Say SCREAMS Louder than What You Don't

What messages are you sending about your culture by what you are not saying?  The Phoenix Business Journal in preparation for an article on diversity within the tech industry requested diversity numbers from 21 tech companies having a strong presence in Arizona. As embarrassed as I am to say this, I truly was shocked that Read More

4 Hiring Lessons Thanks to the New England Patriots

I often find that we can learn great lessons to apply to our leadership acumen in very odd places.  Such is the case in the murder conviction of NFL stand-out Aaron Hernandez. Although not personally involved in the trial or specifics, there are so many lessons to learn about common mistakes leaders often buy in Read More

How Do You Know When It's Time To Make A Change … And How Do You Do It Successfully?

As I child I was often told it is better to be happy than to be wealthy . And so I set out in pursuit to find my “happiness.” It was only after about ten years in the market that it finally dawned on me that happiness and wealth didn’t need to be in competition Read More

The One Trait You Must Have In Any Leadership Role

If I were to Google the words “necessary leadership traits” I suspect I’d find hundreds of thousands of articles, websites and training offerings; each with their own spin on what you must have in order to be a successful leader.  Each, I suspect holds promising truths but the sheer amount of traits you must check Read More