Wrong Behaviors Losing $11M Yearly

The Critical Need to Understand the Art & Science of Behavior. Over the last two weeks I have spoken directly to our listeners regarding the critical need to understand the art and science of behavior.  There is a real need to invest in the science of understanding what makes you and your team members tick. Read More


Leadership Fingerprints & Positive Organizational Influence

What does studying Russian have in common with corporate HR? The answer is quite simple, Nicole Enright, Avnet’s Vice President of Human Resources. Like many young leaders, Nicole had a plan and a career direction that was solid and sound.  Like so many great leaders, she made herself available to opportunities, even when they didn’t Read More

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Dear Amazon, What Magnificent Leadership Looks Like

I’m sure you’ve all read about the recent article exposing a culture at Amazon that is very different from the one represented by their incredible customer service. Following up on this article, was an article written by a woman who worked at Amazon while pregnant and while battling cancer as well. Her story painted a Read More


Attracting Millennials & Keeping Them

Due to their sheer numbers alone, Millennials are garnering lots of attention in the war on talent, and for good reason. The world they’ve been raised in is very different from that of other generations. Most received their first piece of technology long before they hit a classroom and can get access to so much Read More

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Why People Leave Their Jobs

How To Keep It From Happening A recent study done with LinkedIn data reiterates what most of already know about retaining (or not retaining) our high performing employees.  Ironically, many companies overlook one of the very thing most negatively impacting their retention efforts … leadership development. You see people leave for two primary reasons.


How Can You Easily Lose $3000?

I recently read an article that says it costs Starbucks $3000 to replace just one barrister. Think about that – $3000 to replace a $10/hour employee. What does that say about the cost (much less the time) to replace those that carry a specialty skill?  Ironically, however many employers have resigned themselves to thinking it Read More


Three Tips To Prioritizing Your Day For Success

Mindful or Mind FULL? I saw this title recently and it really made me pause.  As someone who understands the difference and its impact on performance, I still struggle with the discipline the first requires in order to avoid falling into the second. Our to-do lists are 8 pages long and seem to be growing Read More

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First Female NFL Coach – Go AZ Cardinals!

What does the Arizona Cardinals NFL Team have in common with the West Valley National Bank? They both employ females within key leadership roles. I’ve always been fascinated by trailblazers.  Today two are being recognized as leaders within the Valley of the Sun! Early this morning, a stunning announcement was made that Jen Welter was Read More


30 Days – The Magic Number for New Hire Success!

How To Set Your People Up For Success During their First 30 Days … You post a job, find the right candidate, offer them the role and they accept!  They show up on day one and dive right in.  You’re happy, they’re happy until … you aren’t and they aren’t. Three months into the job, Read More


How PR Generated His Company $7M In Revenue

– And How You Can As Well! What does college athletics, NASCAR, identify theft and chore charts for kids all have in common?  They all enjoyed vast amounts of publicity, increased audience attention and revenue generation ($7M in one case) from a very unlikely source – pure public relations. This week’s guest, Mike Prusinski, President Read More