Wrong Behaviors Losing $11M Yearly

The Critical Need to Understand the Art & Science of Behavior. Over the last two weeks I have spoken directly to our listeners regarding the critical need to understand the art and science of behavior.  There is a real need to invest in the science of understanding what makes you and your team members tick. Read More

women in doubt

Can You Innovate & Not Kill Your Employees?

QUESTION:  Are you building a culture that encourages down-time?  Do you provide an environment that allows people to think and be creative, or is your culture one that is focused simply on doing? ANSWER:  If not, innovation is likely being impacted and not in a good way. Check out the following research.   It will answer Read More

The One Trait You Must Have In Any Leadership Role

If I were to Google the words “necessary leadership traits” I suspect I’d find hundreds of thousands of articles, websites and training offerings; each with their own spin on what you must have in order to be a successful leader.  Each, I suspect holds promising truths but the sheer amount of traits you must check Read More

Yes, It's a Business Issue … NOT a Gender Problem

This issue of women and technology is complex and can’t be addressed by simply encouraging or requiring leaders to hire and promote more women.   Quite the contrary as this approach alone will only cause resentment and further alienation.   As much as everyone would love a simple and easy-to-execute a solution, this one will take time, Read More

Culture is More Than Words On A Wall

Research shows that up to one-third of your company’s financial performance and health is directly related to the culture of the company. This statistic is rather sobering in terms of its impact vs. the amount of time and dollars typically devoted to building a strong culture.  I believe, for many, the ambiguity and the nebulous Read More

Are You Positioning Your Emerging Leaders for Success?

I find that emerging leaders, as a whole, are the most fascinating cohort in business today.  Their position within the company, their responsibilities, and their impact to success makes them one of the most complex and difficult places to reside.  Ironically, it also places them in a tremendous position to drive company-wide success and quickly Read More

You Simply Can’t Afford Even One Bad Employee

I always ask the small business owners we interact with the following question:  “How important is it for you to have a fully engaged workforce?”   As you can imagine, the answer is always the same.  “It is absolutely important.   We are too small and have too much going on for anyone not to pull their Read More

Innovation, It Isn’t Just a C-Suite Thing

Now more than ever, companies should be focused on how to maximize innovation. With competition and crowding in the marketplace, companies must be looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and looking to innovation for the answers.   Strong leaders understand that innovation should be something embraced company wide, not just at the executive level. Read More