Successful Hiring – What You Need To Know In Order To Do It Right

In a world of heightened competition to recruit and retain the very best talent, it is more important than ever to do it right.  Bad hires have always been costly, but in today’s workplace of increased competition and tight margins, one bad hire can set a company back one year or more.  Yes you heard Read More


Better Own Your Value – No One Else Can!

Unfortunately, I, like so many others are handed the same life lessons and reminders year over year and decade over decade.  I have often said that I wish I could learn things the easy way – you know, learn from my first mistake so as to avoid repeating them in the future.  It takes a keen Read More

2 Tips to Delivering The Difficult Message: The Critical Piece to Growth & Success

Criticism, opinions and its perceived outcome of conflict (or whatever word you feel comfortable using) is both beneficial and important in business, but unfortunately, is often seen as a “necessary” evil by those leading teams.   It is often avoided, minimized and sometimes negatively perceived, however without it, innovation and growth will be negatively impacted. Why Read More

Men & Women in Business – Look at the Individual, NOT the Group

As human beings, we are far more complex than simply a gender can determine.  The issue of men and women in industry is NOT a gender issue – it is a business issue. LEADERSHIP is LEADERSHIP is LEADERSHIP! Clearly we are all influenced by biological differences, cultural differences, age-related differences, etc.   But to say that the fundamentals Read More

Working Around The Clock – A Badge of Honor or Sign of Failure?

I heard someone the other day describe themselves as a hard worker – the hardest worker anyone would ever find.  You could tell by not only their tone and demeanor but their follow-up discussion, that they believed this was a badge of honor – something to aspire to. This person is not only found within Read More

You Simply Can’t Afford Even One Bad Employee

I always ask the small business owners we interact with the following question:  “How important is it for you to have a fully engaged workforce?”   As you can imagine, the answer is always the same.  “It is absolutely important.   We are too small and have too much going on for anyone not to pull their Read More

Transition Takes Patience & Courage

People transition for a number of reasons:  layoffs, culture fits, and growth opportunities just to name a few.   While the reasons are many, the principles for success are the same.  Before you decide to jump on the transition train, make sure you are prepared to be successful; after-all, you have decided to make the change Read More


How To Stay Out Of The Weeds

I recently read an article about Eileen Fisher, fashion designer and now Chief Creative Officer of her namesake brand.    She mentioned that she begins everyday in her “purpose chair” journal where she outlines “What Really Matters Today.”   So many leaders in their push to drive progress, move the needle, close the deal etc., find themselves Read More

Successful Ownership Requires Courage!

A recent article (see link below) about a business owner (who just so happens to be a female) and her bold approach as she first stepped into her role as operations manager of a full service event company stunned me and made me pause.   I paused not from disappointment but from the courage she displayed Read More

Regulated Restroom Breaks … Are You Serious?

I came across an article the other day who outlined such ludicrous rules in a manufacturing plant, that I would have chalked it up to a work of fiction had they not named the company.   It seems they recognized that “extended bathroom breaks” at inopportune times were reducing productivity to the tune of 120 hours Read More