30 Days – The Magic Number for New Hire Success!

How To Set Your People Up For Success During their First 30 Days … You post a job, find the right candidate, offer them the role and they accept!  They show up on day one and dive right in.  You’re happy, they’re happy until … you aren’t and they aren’t. Three months into the job, Read More

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Principles of Picking Strawberries Linked to Running a TV Empire

Denise McManus shared with us her three key principles to building a company from the ground up.  She she know a thing or two about this – literally.  She started her career picking strawberries in the fields of the Midwest. It was here as teen that she learned the work ethic and principles that would Read More

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Three Body Language Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

You are the newest member to the team and you the first to arrive to the team meeting.  What you do during the next few seconds will establish a first impression that may or may not help your perception as leader. Do you walk in take a seat near the head of the table?  Do Read More

Quotas Never Worked – Why Now?

Regulating diversity and inclusion, does it EVER work? A colleague of mine was recently encouraged to apply for a leadership position by someone they really respected. This ringing endorsement at first glance was a real ego boost to her, that is, until they finished the second half of their endorsement. They went on to say Read More

Successful Hiring – What You Need To Know In Order To Do It Right

In a world of heightened competition to recruit and retain the very best talent, it is more important than ever to do it right.  Bad hires have always been costly, but in today’s workplace of increased competition and tight margins, one bad hire can set a company back one year or more.  Yes you heard Read More

How Do You Know When It's Time To Make A Change … And How Do You Do It Successfully?

As I child I was often told it is better to be happy than to be wealthy . And so I set out in pursuit to find my “happiness.” It was only after about ten years in the market that it finally dawned on me that happiness and wealth didn’t need to be in competition Read More

The One Trait You Must Have In Any Leadership Role

If I were to Google the words “necessary leadership traits” I suspect I’d find hundreds of thousands of articles, websites and training offerings; each with their own spin on what you must have in order to be a successful leader.  Each, I suspect holds promising truths but the sheer amount of traits you must check Read More

5 Steps to Rightly Position Your Market Value

For most of us telling others (especially those in leadership positions) about the value we bring to an organization doesn’t come naturally.  Yet it is a skill that we must develop in order to meet our career goals and ultimately find fulfillment in what we do.  Why is it then that we avoid it until Read More

Compromise vs. Negotiation – The Instant Killer of Value

Do you want to know how to immediately kill your value?   Compromise your principles RATHER THAN negotiate from a business perspective when asking for money, fees, or capitalization. Understanding words and their correct concepts and context, along with their spirit and intent, is the difference between getting lackluster results and driving prosperity.  Without a solid understanding of Read More

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Join Patty as She Addresses the Issue of Women, Gender & Innovation

Check out the messaging from Patty on Kris Anderson’s radio program.  Patty addresses the issue of women, gender and innovation for the female professional and the organization. Kris posted: “Did you know that most women CEO’s do not ask for the right salary? It has nothing to do with gender— just business.  Listen in to Read More