Sponsors: As I Move Up – So Will You

 Sponsors, Aren’t Those ONLY for Golfers and Racecar Drivers? Over the last decades industry has moved into the sciences of human resource management.  We have elevated the need to supervise to manage to lead.  Instead of supervising, we have moved to the role of coach and mentor.  During this decade, the concept of sponsor has drawn a lot Read More


Lifetime Journey of a CEO

In Our Great Tradition of Interviewing ‘The Magnificent Leader . . . . . . we continued on that path having the privilege and pleasure of interviewing Ken Goldfine. Ken is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ZMC Hotels, Inc.  He recently negotiated the sale of 30 business entities in a single day, Read More

Phil Norman

Aligning Your Soul to the Role

A Cultural Perspective:  The Best of the Best like to Hang with the Best of the Best … We had the honor of interviewing Phil Norman, Chief People Officer of Canyon Ranch. Since 1979, Canyon Ranch is one of the world’s recognized leaders in healthy living and luxury spa vacations, with destination spa resorts and Read More

Brian Foster

Can I Win with You? A Leader’s Strategy

It’s Not the Size of Your Business – It’s the Right Size of Your Leadership Team! So many times when we think of leadership we see the same mental pictures – mega organizations, leading companies, managing resources, building teams, and executing effectively. What if there was another component to success – those critical components necessary Read More


Why Culture Should Be Your Strategy

The research around the people side of the business is finally catching up with the courageous beliefs that a few leaders have been living out from the very beginning. People are not robots and do not show up day in and day out for the sole purpose of making money.  Don’t get me wrong, we Read More


Mission First, People Always

Purpose Born From Tragedy & Change … When you meet someone who is completely on purpose and leading a heart-felt mission doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do, it’s easy to see.  Even if words are never spoken, their energy, passion and laser-focused commitment are easily recognizable. Ironically, it is often Read More

jeff pruitt

‘Refresh, Renew & Unite’ Leadership

… or, a study in leveraging the right leadership cornerstones while building a successful business. Jeff Pruitt, Chairman and CEO of Tallwave and CEO of Ethology, dropped by the studio this week for what we thought would be a robust conversation about the importance of digital marketing and how to execute a leadership approach your Read More

women in doubt

Can You Innovate & Not Kill Your Employees?

QUESTION:  Are you building a culture that encourages down-time?  Do you provide an environment that allows people to think and be creative, or is your culture one that is focused simply on doing? ANSWER:  If not, innovation is likely being impacted and not in a good way. Check out the following research.   It will answer Read More


Attracting Millennials & Keeping Them

Due to their sheer numbers alone, Millennials are garnering lots of attention in the war on talent, and for good reason. The world they’ve been raised in is very different from that of other generations. Most received their first piece of technology long before they hit a classroom and can get access to so much Read More


Three Tips To Prioritizing Your Day For Success

Mindful or Mind FULL? I saw this title recently and it really made me pause.  As someone who understands the difference and its impact on performance, I still struggle with the discipline the first requires in order to avoid falling into the second. Our to-do lists are 8 pages long and seem to be growing Read More