Paolo Vianson pic

When Being Paranoid Can be Good Thing …

… In Business. We are always amazed about our good fortune and privilege to interview magnificent leaders in all walks of life! Our interview with Paolo Vianson, CEO of Durendal and managing partner of a venture capital firm, was no exception.  Within a two-week period, we have interviewed two global leaders that have tapped three Read More

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Fascinating Authentic Leadership

Life brings you the occasional opportunity to meet the most fascinating people.  Individuals, have a unique ability to draw you in with their storytelling to the point that they are able to transport you to another place at another time.  This week’s guest, Melissa “Mel” Sanderson, Vice President, International Affairs at Freeport McMoRan Copper & Read More


Leadership Fingerprints & Positive Organizational Influence

What does studying Russian have in common with corporate HR? The answer is quite simple, Nicole Enright, Avnet’s Vice President of Human Resources. Like many young leaders, Nicole had a plan and a career direction that was solid and sound.  Like so many great leaders, she made herself available to opportunities, even when they didn’t Read More

melanie healey

$30B Budget – Global Leadership Brazil to US

Would You Get a Standing Leadership Ovation from Your Team? How much time do you spend with your new hires on their first day?  Is it 30 minutes, an hour or maybe none at all.  Melanie Healey, Proctor & Gamble’s recently retired Group President, North America, says this might be one of the most important Read More

chuck warshaver

Warrior Leader – $10 Million in 2 Years!

What can an angry warrior leader accomplish in such a short amount of time?   If you are referring to Chuck Warshaver – the answer is ‘$0 to $10 million in only 2 years!‘ The role of the CEO and/or senior executive within a start-up, small business, Fortune 100, or non-profit comes with unique nuances.  Read More


Why Should I Develop My Millennials?

I was posed with the following questions from a colleague – “Why should I develop my employees, especially the Millennials, when its likely they will leave within the next year or two to advance their career?  Isn’t that just throwing money away?” His question is a real one and even more relevant based upon research Read More


Do You Hire Military Veterans? If so …

We are looking for organizations that place a high value on the U.S. military training and development and are hiring veterans. If you are a for-profit company and have implemented formal workforce objectives to recruit and hire veterans of our military, we would like to connect with you and possibly be a guest on our Read More


5 Generations in Workforce – Breaking the Myths

With five generations in the workforce today, understanding your people has become even more important (and a bit more complex). There are so many myths about how and what each generation thinks, so throw that aside and hear from each generation directly in this latest Pew Report … READ HERE


3 Top Tips For Building Team Unity

How Well Do You Know Your Team? If you were asked to give facts about the personal lives of those you lead, would you be able to do it?  More importantly, would you understand why being able to do this was even important?  Would your team members be able to do the same with each Read More


Three Tips To Prioritizing Your Day For Success

Mindful or Mind FULL? I saw this title recently and it really made me pause.  As someone who understands the difference and its impact on performance, I still struggle with the discipline the first requires in order to avoid falling into the second. Our to-do lists are 8 pages long and seem to be growing Read More