Sponsors: As I Move Up – So Will You

 Sponsors, Aren’t Those ONLY for Golfers and Racecar Drivers? Over the last decades industry has moved into the sciences of human resource management.  We have elevated the need to supervise to manage to lead.  Instead of supervising, we have moved to the role of coach and mentor.  During this decade, the concept of sponsor has drawn a lot Read More


Leadership Fingerprints & Positive Organizational Influence

What does studying Russian have in common with corporate HR? The answer is quite simple, Nicole Enright, Avnet’s Vice President of Human Resources. Like many young leaders, Nicole had a plan and a career direction that was solid and sound.  Like so many great leaders, she made herself available to opportunities, even when they didn’t Read More

melanie healey

$30B Budget – Global Leadership Brazil to US

Would You Get a Standing Leadership Ovation from Your Team? How much time do you spend with your new hires on their first day?  Is it 30 minutes, an hour or maybe none at all.  Melanie Healey, Proctor & Gamble’s recently retired Group President, North America, says this might be one of the most important Read More

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Blind Loyalty

Can You Afford One Toxic Employee? The answer to the question above seems obvious and I suspect the vast majority of leaders, if posed with this question, would respond with a resounding NO.  Ironically, I suspect many of these same leaders, if questioned further, would realize that they have in fact allowed a toxic employee Read More


3 Top Tips For Building Team Unity

How Well Do You Know Your Team? If you were asked to give facts about the personal lives of those you lead, would you be able to do it?  More importantly, would you understand why being able to do this was even important?  Would your team members be able to do the same with each Read More


Attracting Millennials & Keeping Them

Due to their sheer numbers alone, Millennials are garnering lots of attention in the war on talent, and for good reason. The world they’ve been raised in is very different from that of other generations. Most received their first piece of technology long before they hit a classroom and can get access to so much Read More

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Hire Tough, Manage Easy

Magnificent leaders come in all shapes and styles, how they lead, how they message and the skills they bring are often very different but they all share a common belief – their people matter!  This week’s guest embodies this like few do working for one of the most respected companies in the US – Southwest Read More

70% of Employees Say You Missed the Target about Culture

If you believe perks are a substitute for human intervention you have missed the culture target. I recently read an article about the four ways to make your people love you more – all ironically had to do with culture.  Not one had to do with process or hard skill development.  In this day and Read More

4 Hiring Lessons Thanks to the New England Patriots

I often find that we can learn great lessons to apply to our leadership acumen in very odd places.  Such is the case in the murder conviction of NFL stand-out Aaron Hernandez. Although not personally involved in the trial or specifics, there are so many lessons to learn about common mistakes leaders often buy in Read More

Successful Hiring – What You Need To Know In Order To Do It Right

In a world of heightened competition to recruit and retain the very best talent, it is more important than ever to do it right.  Bad hires have always been costly, but in today’s workplace of increased competition and tight margins, one bad hire can set a company back one year or more.  Yes you heard Read More