Consequence of Not Knowing Behavior

What Did the Chinese and Other Cultures Know that We are Still Learning? The study of how humans behave and interact did not start in the late 50’s and 60’s in the U.S.  If you study Chinese culture and philosophy, this was a question posed by its intellectual leaders needing to understand the “why” of Read More


Wrong Behaviors Losing $11M Yearly

The Critical Need to Understand the Art & Science of Behavior. Over the last two weeks I have spoken directly to our listeners regarding the critical need to understand the art and science of behavior.  There is a real need to invest in the science of understanding what makes you and your team members tick. Read More

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Why People Leave Their Jobs

How To Keep It From Happening A recent study done with LinkedIn data reiterates what most of already know about retaining (or not retaining) our high performing employees.  Ironically, many companies overlook one of the very thing most negatively impacting their retention efforts … leadership development. You see people leave for two primary reasons.


How Can You Easily Lose $3000?

I recently read an article that says it costs Starbucks $3000 to replace just one barrister. Think about that – $3000 to replace a $10/hour employee. What does that say about the cost (much less the time) to replace those that carry a specialty skill?  Ironically, however many employers have resigned themselves to thinking it Read More

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The War On Talent – One Thing to Win!

Do you know the one thing that drives home the win in the battle for talent? Have you ever managed someone thinking all was well only to be blindsided by a resignation?  Were you stunned and confused as to why they would want to make a change? If so, you aren’t alone and one simple Read More