Rick Murray

The Fundamentals To Growing & Sustaining Your Small Business

With more than 60-80% of all U.S. jobs coming from the small business sector, it is easy to understand why ensuring their success is so vital. This week’s guest, Rick Murray, CEO of the Arizona Small Business Association, is not only providing critical resources and tools to AZ’s small businesses, but elevating the discussion to Read More

Who Put the Tiger in Tiger Wood's Golf Bag?

Last month as you tuned into watch The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, you will notice more than just the top golfers playing on one of the most prestigious golf courses.   If you look closely at their bags, you will notice a fuzzy animal or two or three safely placed over their most coveted Read More


"Quality is Free" – Wrong Argument for Today's Business

I responded today to a blog entitled, “Quality is Free” based on the 1979 book of Phillip Crosby about quality, TQM, and Deming. The blog begins … “In 1979, Philip Crosby wrote Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain, a bestseller that outlined the counterintuitive economics fueling the quality revolution in the U.S. Read More

Culture is More Than Words On A Wall

Research shows that up to one-third of your company’s financial performance and health is directly related to the culture of the company. This statistic is rather sobering in terms of its impact vs. the amount of time and dollars typically devoted to building a strong culture.  I believe, for many, the ambiguity and the nebulous Read More

How You Message Impacts How You Are Perceived

Keeping our leaders in the loop in terms of how projects are moving along is critical to our success.  But HOW we keep them in the loop is also critical to how we are perceived in terms of being identified as a high-potential performer/leader, and someone on the path of upward success. So much of Read More

In Gratitude and Moving to 2015 …

I never take for granted all of the wonderful blessings in my life – my family, friends, clients, good health, living in the greatest country on earth, and our military that supports our freedoms every day.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2014, we wanted to take our time to reflect on a few of our clients and Read More


Years Ago I Wouldn't Have Admitted this Out Loud …

Authentic Leadership and an Aligned Strategy Does NOT Guarantee a Win!   Aligned thinking and action, a superb driver and team, a sound executed strategy and then out of no where, you lose a championship!  Two separate races – two flat tires!   You ask, so what?  I say no worries – the authentic leadership of the face Read More

Working Around The Clock – A Badge of Honor or Sign of Failure?

I heard someone the other day describe themselves as a hard worker – the hardest worker anyone would ever find.  You could tell by not only their tone and demeanor but their follow-up discussion, that they believed this was a badge of honor – something to aspire to. This person is not only found within Read More

Are You Positioning Your Emerging Leaders for Success?

I find that emerging leaders, as a whole, are the most fascinating cohort in business today.  Their position within the company, their responsibilities, and their impact to success makes them one of the most complex and difficult places to reside.  Ironically, it also places them in a tremendous position to drive company-wide success and quickly Read More

Learning for Emerging Leaders

The U.S. Labor Department’s August Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, popularly known as “the quit rate” because it measures the number of people voluntarily leaving their jobs, is the highest since June 2008, when the economy was in recession.    Coupled with an economy that is beginning to recover, these valuable employees that have stayed Read More