Killing Your Profits – An Intertwined View of Compromise vs. Negotiation

There are two business terms that have mistakenly become synonymous and an impediment to monetizing your earnings – they are Compromise and Negotiation.  This has become a negative trend currently in the market place as it relates to selling, monetizing value, and having the confidence to ask for and get what you deserved.  Why?  Because these two terms Read More

Flexibility & Its Impact on Leadership Success

Leaders could take a lesson from the approach fast-food restaurants take in terms of what products they offer on their menu.   Most of us have our trusted favorite, the one we enjoy most and gives us the most fulfillment.   But sometimes, we need something different that matches our current state of hunger.  For those days Read More

In Gratitude and Moving to 2015 …

I never take for granted all of the wonderful blessings in my life – my family, friends, clients, good health, living in the greatest country on earth, and our military that supports our freedoms every day.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2014, we wanted to take our time to reflect on a few of our clients and Read More


Years Ago I Wouldn't Have Admitted this Out Loud …

Authentic Leadership and an Aligned Strategy Does NOT Guarantee a Win!   Aligned thinking and action, a superb driver and team, a sound executed strategy and then out of no where, you lose a championship!  Two separate races – two flat tires!   You ask, so what?  I say no worries – the authentic leadership of the face Read More

Every Conflict Needs A Hero

If you work with people and have yet to encounter conflict with your colleagues or teammates, well it is just a matter of time.   Conflict is inevitable and more often than not incredibly healthy.   But what happens in those rare instances when it doesn’t feel healthy, but rather personal?   What happens when trust is broken? Read More

Control Your Culture or It Will Control Your Organization

Every company that turns on the lights has a culture.   Regardless of how much time, effort or energy you may or may not put into it, it exists and everyone can sense it.   So, it only seems logical that if you know it is going to exist you should probably be purposeful about what you Read More


How To Stay Out Of The Weeds

I recently read an article about Eileen Fisher, fashion designer and now Chief Creative Officer of her namesake brand.    She mentioned that she begins everyday in her “purpose chair” journal where she outlines “What Really Matters Today.”   So many leaders in their push to drive progress, move the needle, close the deal etc., find themselves Read More

Successful Ownership Requires Courage!

A recent article (see link below) about a business owner (who just so happens to be a female) and her bold approach as she first stepped into her role as operations manager of a full service event company stunned me and made me pause.   I paused not from disappointment but from the courage she displayed Read More

Feedback Is A Two-Way Street

Everyone in business understands the value of feedback.   Feedback is providing critical information to someone who will positively impact individual performance, team performance, and ultimately company performance.   It is the fastest way to course correction and can save a company thousands of dollars in wasted and unsuccessful efforts. In large organizations, it is the only Read More

Your Mission Statement – It Better Be More Than a Tagline

In a recent article by Joe Mansueto, CEO of Morningstar, he speaks to the importance of an organization’s mission as the foundational principle that guides and drives all decisions. Not only the “what” decisions but also the “how and why” decisions. It is the mission (along with the other core pieces to corporate identity) that Read More