Quotas Never Worked – Why Now?

Regulating diversity and inclusion, does it EVER work? A colleague of mine was recently encouraged to apply for a leadership position by someone they really respected. This ringing endorsement at first glance was a real ego boost to her, that is, until they finished the second half of their endorsement. They went on to say Read More

losing employees

Keep 'em or Lose Them, Your Choice

Do you know what the one thing is that will either run-off a high performer or keep them forever?  We do, we see it all of the time. Have you ever managed someone thinking all was well only to be blindsided by a resignation?   Were you stunned and confused as to why they would want Read More

What You Fail to Say SCREAMS Louder than What You Don't

What messages are you sending about your culture by what you are not saying?  The Phoenix Business Journal in preparation for an article on diversity within the tech industry requested diversity numbers from 21 tech companies having a strong presence in Arizona. As embarrassed as I am to say this, I truly was shocked that Read More

How Do You Know When It's Time To Make A Change … And How Do You Do It Successfully?

As I child I was often told it is better to be happy than to be wealthy . And so I set out in pursuit to find my “happiness.” It was only after about ten years in the market that it finally dawned on me that happiness and wealth didn’t need to be in competition Read More

The One Trait You Must Have In Any Leadership Role

If I were to Google the words “necessary leadership traits” I suspect I’d find hundreds of thousands of articles, websites and training offerings; each with their own spin on what you must have in order to be a successful leader.  Each, I suspect holds promising truths but the sheer amount of traits you must check Read More

5 Steps to Rightly Position Your Market Value

For most of us telling others (especially those in leadership positions) about the value we bring to an organization doesn’t come naturally.  Yet it is a skill that we must develop in order to meet our career goals and ultimately find fulfillment in what we do.  Why is it then that we avoid it until Read More

Impact of Losing Trust on Teams & The Easy Way To Gain It Back

Trust is foundational to any successful and sustainable relationship in business.  It is the strong fiber that gives us the ability to be fully open, to embrace risk, and to drive innovation.  You see doing these things is easy when you know someone has your back, is telling you the truth and even if it Read More


Better Own Your Value – No One Else Can!

Unfortunately, I, like so many others are handed the same life lessons and reminders year over year and decade over decade.  I have often said that I wish I could learn things the easy way – you know, learn from my first mistake so as to avoid repeating them in the future.  It takes a keen Read More

2 Tips to Delivering The Difficult Message: The Critical Piece to Growth & Success

Criticism, opinions and its perceived outcome of conflict (or whatever word you feel comfortable using) is both beneficial and important in business, but unfortunately, is often seen as a “necessary” evil by those leading teams.   It is often avoided, minimized and sometimes negatively perceived, however without it, innovation and growth will be negatively impacted. Why Read More

3 Tips to Avoid Building A Team That Plays It Safe

I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. “My team has lost its zeal for innovation in exchange for safety and status quo. They used to challenge and really push but now it seems they stay in their cubicle and simply do their job.  What changed?” Although the specific causes for each situation Read More