Performance CANNOT Exceed Self Worth!

Part 2 of 2 – Self-Sabotage Series Did you know that your personal performance cannot rise beyond the measure of your self-worth?  For me, that answered a lot of nagging questions, doubt and concerns. I have had a blast the last two weeks interviewing two internationally renowned experts on self-sabotage.  My first guest was Vickie Read More


Thought Leaders Sabotaging Brilliance!

Can You See a Train Wreck from 50 Paces! If you can’t, you must take 50 minutes of your life and listen to our program with Vickie Sullivan!  If not, you may be sabotaging your brilliance and worth as a thought leader. Vickie Sullivan is a brand and market strategist for thought leaders.  She helps brilliant Read More

Tricia Chiodo CFO

Find Out How to Say Yes!

… Saying No is EASY!  Go and Find Out How to Say YES! We hosted another rock star on the radio this week, Tricia Chiodo, CFO, American Traffic Solutions, Inc.™!  In her role as CFO, Tricia leads with three core essentials:  1) safeguard your business environment, 2) drive organizational value, and 3) empower decision-making. Tricia tells us how Read More

Lea Marquez Peterson

In Case You Didn’t Know …

… There’s a Real Dynamo Leading the Tucson Hispanic Chamber! Yesterday I celebrated the international and global markets on two fronts. I had the pleasure of hosting The Magnificent Leader, Lea Marquez Peterson, President/CEO, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Next, as moderator for a member-only virtual event for the Global Chamber under Doug Bruhnke’s leadership. Read More


A Father’s Wisdom

My three girls will be smarter than everybody else! I was given another priceless life lesson while interviewing The Magnificent Leader, Nandini Srinivasan, Co-Founder and COO of Cactus Semiconductor Inc. Quickly, I found that Nandini and I shared a common thread although we were being raised around the same time on different continents.  Nandini was Read More

G Hardage

An Inspirational Leader Taking Flight

… to Her Next Great Leadership Adventure! Don’t you love the last week of the calendar year?  It is during this time that many of us give ourselves the time to reflect on the past year.  We celebrate our wins, lessons learned from our losses, and are reminded of the many shared blessings with those Read More


Born a Leader …

… and achieved success because of developing my leadership skills throughout my career. “I was born a leader” – One of the greatest quotes from this week’s guest who, after starting out as a secretary for a small business rose to the C-Suite of a publicly traded company Taser International. Kathy Hanrahan, CEO of New Read More

JoAnn Holland

How to be Authentically Bold, Fearless & Shameless …

… and NOT be penalized for it! When I was growing up, it was very much the norm to stay in your chosen profession, changing only to move up the ladder but not to move into a different area of expertise.  Now however, this trend has reversed and it isn’t unusual to see leaders reinventing Read More

Join Our CEO on 'Newsladies' Program!

Our CEO, Patty Azar, was a guest on the wonderful program, Newsladies, with the fabulous host, Heidi Foglesong. Check out Patty’s interview on The Newsladies ‘Reinvention Radio Show‘. Listen to the Reinvention Radio Show!

rachel stamm

Three Keys to Growing Revenue

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt. These words, taped to every desk she has ever used, have carried this week’s guest through tough days and given her the confidence to drive home the big wins. Rachel Stamm, Title Project Consultant -
 Education Planning Initiative for the CA Community College Read More