Thought Leaders Sabotaging Brilliance!

Can You See a Train Wreck from 50 Paces! If you can’t, you must take 50 minutes of your life and listen to our program with Vickie Sullivan!  If not, you may be sabotaging your brilliance and worth as a thought leader. Vickie Sullivan is a brand and market strategist for thought leaders.  She helps brilliant Read More

m guerra red suit

Congrats to AZ’s Market Leader in Bio Tech!

Congratulations to One of Our Magnificent Leaders, MaryAnn Guerra, CEO of BioAccel. As always, MaryAnn proves you can be wildly successful and principled in leadership.  She continues to demonstrate the characteristics of the magnificent leader – one who owns her earned value, owns her market relevance, and remains totally focused on leading BioAccel’s mission. Celebrate Read More

Apparently, I am Going to Hell …

Because I am a Woman that Stands by Her Own Choices! Do you ever wonder why the gender wars are still happening?  Because many women at the top, who have successfully shattered glass ceilings and have earned fame, fortune and sustainability keep telling the rest of us what and how to think.  Interesting, not “why” Read More

JoAnn Holland

How to be Authentically Bold, Fearless & Shameless …

… and NOT be penalized for it! When I was growing up, it was very much the norm to stay in your chosen profession, changing only to move up the ladder but not to move into a different area of expertise.  Now however, this trend has reversed and it isn’t unusual to see leaders reinventing Read More


Twins & Superwoman

Uh oh.  Someone found the cape – again! The unintended consequences of Marissa Mayer’s most recent announcement. When I heard that Marissa Mayer was having twins, my first thought was how awesome it was to have a pregnant CEO – think of all the stereotypes she is breaking yet again. My excitement however was immediately Read More

Two Female Officers, Upholding of Standards & History-Makers!

YEEHA! Every American should be celebrating two courageous female officers who are the first to successfully complete the US Army Ranger School! Why is this so important?

rachel stamm

Three Keys to Growing Revenue

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt. These words, taped to every desk she has ever used, have carried this week’s guest through tough days and given her the confidence to drive home the big wins. Rachel Stamm, Title Project Consultant -
 Education Planning Initiative for the CA Community College Read More

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A Sponsor Lifting Her Out of the Ghetto

We’ve all heard the importance of mentors and I suspect most of us have at least one mentor playing an active role in our lives. They are important, necessary and provide great value but their impact on our success is limited which is okay because that’s where sponsors kick in. Not sure what the difference Read More

SmartFem Magazine – Our New Partner!

We are so very proud to be a part of Lea Haben-Woodford’s wonderful vision to support all professional women and to be included in her amazing publication, SmartFem Magazine for the Woman on the Go! Today Lea published our first article, The Dangers of Servant Leadership, specifically written to support women and the need to Read More

Will You Accept this Rose?

We are so excited about our first male guest, Chris Harrison! Chris Harrison is the Host of ABC’s Bachelor and Bachelorette Series and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  He will be joining Kathryn and I on our weekly radio show to talk career transitions and of course all things love – from his book to Read More