Manufacturing Leadership Magnificence!

Congratulations, AriAnne Sproat, Chief Operations Officer, ITC Manufacturing! We love to brag about our magnificent clients. AriAnne was recently selected by Material Handling Industry (MHI) as the recipient of its national 2017 Face of the Supply Chain Award at its Annual MHI Industry Night at ProMat 2017.   MHI is the leading trade association representing the Read More

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A Sponsor Lifting Her Out of the Ghetto

We’ve all heard the importance of mentors and I suspect most of us have at least one mentor playing an active role in our lives. They are important, necessary and provide great value but their impact on our success is limited which is okay because that’s where sponsors kick in. Not sure what the difference Read More

SmartFem Magazine – Our New Partner!

We are so very proud to be a part of Lea Haben-Woodford’s wonderful vision to support all professional women and to be included in her amazing publication, SmartFem Magazine for the Woman on the Go! Today Lea published our first article, The Dangers of Servant Leadership, specifically written to support women and the need to Read More

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4 Keys To Rising Through The Corporate Ranks

Our radio show has provided us the opportunity to be in the presence of many smart and successful businesswomen, so I don’t typically get intimidated but for a brief moment, this week’s guest left me feeling this way.  Why do you ask? Well one need not to look any further than her resume.   Not only Read More


The Two-Letter Word That Will Dramatically Improve Your Business

As a southern woman well-versed in etiquette, manners and all things expected, I somehow missed one of the most important chapters about success in business, a chapter that could have shaved time, effort and stress off of my life during my twenties and early thirties. Based upon conversations with hundreds of women whose books also Read More


How to Raise The Next Generation of Female Leaders

Issues with women and value unfortunately start all too early (some studies say by the age of 8) but women like Olenka Cullinan, CEO and Founder of Rising Tycoons, are making sure this trend begins to reverse itself and move in the opposite direction … a generation of young women emboldened to step up and Read More

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7 Out of 21 Responses – What's Wrong with this Picture?

The Phoenix Business Journal in preparation for an article on diversity within the tech industry requested diversity numbers from 21 tech companies having a strong presence in Arizona. As embarrassed as I am to say this, I truly was shocked that only 7 companies responded.  I certainly didn’t think everyone would respond, but a 2/3 Read More

Women & Funding – Tips to Secure VC & Angel Funding $$$

Loretta McCarthy – Managing Director Golden Seeds, Greater New York City Area Former Executive Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer – Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. PROGRAM TITLE: Tips To Secure Funding from The Venture Capitalist World  DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM: Join Loretta McCarthy, Managing Partner of Golden Seeds, an investment firm dedicated to funding successful female lead entrepreneurial ventures Read More

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Those Burning Questions Critical To Leadership Success … Ask BGGS

We’ve had many listeners of our weekly radio show emailing us with questions so during this week’s episode we spent a bit of time answering some of the most popular.   You will want to listen here for the entire episode but here are few tips to get you started. or Ask BGGS: I Read More

Smart Women Smart Money, Mary Holman SVP, National Bank of AZ, Radio Guest April 14 & 15

Mary Holman SVP, Credit Solutions & Retail Lending National Bank of Arizona Guest – April 14 & 15, 2015 PROGRAM TITLE:  What Every Woman Needs To Know About Money & Her Finances DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM: Join us in discovering how simply increasing your financial knowledge can transform your business and personal life.  Embrace a few Read More